The Blunt Amendment – and my moral code

March 3, 2012

From the text of the Blunt Amendment, recently tabled in the United States Senate:

No Exchange or other official or entity acting in a governmental capacity in the course of implementing this title (or any amendment made by this title) shall discriminate against a health plan, plan sponsor, health care provider, or other person because of such plan’s, sponsor’s, provider’s, or person’s unwillingness to provide coverage of, participate in, or refer for, specific items or services pursuant to this paragraph.

My moral code informs me that it is deeply irresponsible to contribute to human overpopulation of the planet by bringing more than two children into the world – much less five kids or seven kids or whatever.  Therefore, I intend to limit to TWO the number of children that may be included in the “family” medical insurance coverage that my company offers to its employees.  I would also refuse to cover the expenses of pregnancy and childbirth for a family’s third and subsequent child.

Further, my moral code tells me that traditional marriage is between ONE man and ONE woman – for LIFE!  My code does not recognize the validity of divorce.  No employee’s “family” coverage shall include any “spouse” other than the FIRST spouse of that employee.  Second marriages will NOT be considered to be “traditional” marriages except in the case of the first spouse being deceased.  First marriages of an employee to a divorced partner similarly will not be covered.  Of course this policy also denies benefits of “marriage” to same-sex partners, domestic partners, live-in partners, or any other partner other than a first and only spouse in a traditional marriage.

My moral code also informs me that substance abuse is a moral problem, not a medical one.  Forcing me to pay medicos for treatment best left to spiritual counselors violates my rights of conscience.  Any pastor can and will lead an addict to Jesus at no cost to anyone, and without my paying money to enable addiction by treating it as a medical problem.

I morally oppose the widespread use of antidepressants and other mood-altering drugs.  Prozac, Xanax, Valium, and numerous other such drugs are dangerous and harmful.  In this, my moral code is similar to the well-known belief of Scientologists like Tom Cruise that these drugs harm both patients and society.  My conscience will not allow me to include them in my company’s pharmacy plan.

This is America!  Freedom!  Liberty and justice for all!  I will not stand for any government intrusion into how I express my religious beliefs and follow the dictates of my conscience in designing the medical coverage available to my employees.

(Every Republican Senator except the retiring Olympia Snowe voted in favor of the “Blunt Instrument” Amendment.  “Moderate” Republicans are all but extinct in 2012.)



  1. BRAVO!!!!

    Oh, on that more than two babies insurance clause, I wanted to inform you that according to my moral code, interracial couples are an abomination so I will not offer any pregnancy coverage to my black employees who have white mates or vice versa. And yes, how dare the government think they can intrude on my matters of conscience!

    Gray, the Blunt amendment was one helluva slippery slope and the fact that it got almost unanimous GOP support tells you that this ain’t Goldwater’s, Reagan’s or Buckley’s Republican party anymore.

    Do you think once we get a white guy back in the White House, folks will calm the f*ck down?

    • Damn – I didn’t even think of the abomination of interracial couples. Thanks for bringing that up. (How racially insensitive of me! I didn’t even THINK about race when I was explaining my moral scruples!)

      I’d like to think that all this craziness will subside after the Era of Obama is over – but it won’t. Republicans were already far, far down this road when the very, very white George W. Bush was president. They had full control of the three branches of government then, and it was before anyone had ever heard of Barack Obama.

      (One reason that my vote in the primary was for Obama instead of Hillary was that I didn’t want Republicans to slime the campaign by bringing back their Clinton Derangement Syndrome. Who could have imagined that Obama Derangement Syndrome would be so much worse?)

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