Why Newt Connects

January 22, 2012

In discussing the Thursday evening debate – specifically the “open marriage” question posed to Newt Gingrich by CNN’s John King, Steve Benen observes:

Over the course of just three minutes, we learned exactly why Gingrich is a competitive presidential candidate: he understands the Republican id perfectly.

Never mind that Newt has terrible favorable/unfavorable poll ratings among the wider universe of voters:  28.5%/58.6%, or a net MINUS 30%.  Never mind that polls show Romney more likely to defeat Obama in November.  Newt did best in South Carolina last night even among voters who said that ability to defeat Barack Obama was the most important factor in choice of a candidate.

That “Republican id” really just wants someone who will get in Obama’s face and talk nasty to him.  Chalk it up to Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Good news for Democrats!


  1. You had me until the last sentence. I am just not sure enough of this electorate to rule out a Gingrich win. If by November the economy takes another dive (perhaps influenced by global meltdowns) desperate Americans may look to any port in a storm.

    The last thing Obama needs to be now is cocky, regardless of who is opponent is in November. Take nothing for granted.

  2. I won’t vote for him.

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