Is it bigotry?

January 22, 2012

Most of us would agree that it’s bigoted to vote against someone because his religious faith is different from yours.

Then we read that the Mitt Romney campaign is busing in Mormon students from the DC area to work in his South Carolina campaign.

What’s the flip side of bigotry?  Was it bigotry for Catholics to support JFK in 1960 – BECAUSE he was Catholic?

Was it bigotry for blacks to support Obama – BECAUSE he is black?  (It’s hard to tell if that actually happened.  Blacks always seem to vote Democratic by 90%+ margins.)

If it’s bigotry to say “I won’t vote for the Mormon,” is it bigotry to work in someone’s campaign BECAUSE you and he belong to the same church?

– Graychin


One comment

  1. Well of course there are those who would say it is bigotry. What we are talking about here is voting for someone who reminds you of … you. It is a very natural human reaction.

    I certainly don’t begrudge Mitt getting Mormon votes (nor do I find it offensive for him to seek them). Politics is about taking every legal advantage you can. Unfortunately for Mitt there is evidence that anti-Mormon bigotry did play a role in his defeat in SC.

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