Hypocrites R Them!

May 23, 2011


  1. Everyone conveniently forgot that Obama said “mutually agreed swaps”.

    Honestly Dog, I’m more annoyed at Bibi Netanyahu than I am at the hypocritical GOPhers. I expect them to be buttholes. The public lecture Netanyahu gave Obama was inexcusable and I personally have to wonder if any other President would have received such condescension. It is Israel who should wake up and remember who her friends are. The US is not the right country for them to piss off.

    • Bibi needs to wake up in a hurry. The party is over. If he does not negotiate this year there will be a unilateral Palestinian state. And many will support it. The US has had many chances and so has Israel – they have blown it.
      Bibi is a zionist neocon from way back….

    • Everyone didn’t forget. Only those who ignored what they didn’t want to hear.

      Like Mitt Romney, who called this “throwing Israel under the bus.”

  2. Everyone can see that Bibi has no use for peace. His game is to settle Israelis in all parts of the “occupied territories” such that a Palestinian homeland will be impossible forever. Almost everyone agrees that the status quo is not sustainable, but sustain it he will.

    One has to wonder what Bibi’s endgame is for the Palestinian people.

    We shouldn’t be surprised that Bibi dissed Obama. It wasn’t that long ago that they dissed Biden – by announcing a new round of settlements during Biden’s visit.

    Bibi isn’t even particularly popular at home – or with American Jews. His strongest constituency seems to be American Republicans – but that is mostly an extension of their blind opposition to all things Obama.

    • Correct – the worst of the Zionist neocons are in the US. See these folks for a refreshing difference:


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