IQ Test for Voters?

April 21, 2011


  1. Christie and Ryan baby!!!
    (Yes I too am an idiot!)

    • You aren’t 55 yet, my dear, so no Medicare for you! Buy your own darn insurance with your generous voucher, from one of those benevolent insurance companies . Better hope you don’t have a pre-existing condition when you turn 65!

      Is age a pre-existing condition?

  2. Another example of how the liberal media distorts the truth. These people aren’t typical Nikki Haley voters. Someone pulled the dumbest, most ridiculous ones out of the crowd and asked them leading questions – like “where do you get your news?” and “who do you like for president?”

    What? They ARE typical? Oh no! I wonder if the Republican kingmakers realize it yet: that as you sow, so shall you reap.

    It is said that Chris Christie has “gravitas,” but can he be nominated in a field that includes Donald Trump?

  3. Christie is a crook. But then so is Trump, and so is….

    There is a pattern here.

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