The New McCarthyism

March 9, 2011

The right always needs an enemy to keep the rabble fearful and voting against thier own best interests.


  1. The proceedings in the “Homeland Security” committee led by Rep. Steve King (R-NY) remind me SO MUCH of the old and disgraced House Committee on UnAmerican Activities of the 1950s.

    As the other post pointed out, the GOP needs to supply us with something to be afraid of.

  2. It’s a shame Joe drank so much, even if he hadn’t he probably wouldn’t have lived long enough to see the collapse of the Soviet Union and the release of information that followed. Here’s a partial list of interesting names


    BTW are you familar with the people at the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, just google Virginia Terrorist Mosque

    • Welcome to the blog, Grump.

      McCarthyism deserves its bad name. Even if McCarthy happened to be right about any of the charges he made, his methods were wrong – and unAmerican.

      Confirmation of some of McCarthy’s accusations no more justifies McCarthyism than obtaining an occasional bit of “actionable intelligence” justifies torture. You don’t favor torture, do you?

    • “To what extent any given individual named in the Venona papers was actually involved with Soviet intelligence is a topic of dispute.”

    • I’m not sure what your point is about the “Virginia Terrorist Mosque.” I find a bunch of outrage in right-wing blogs, but no hard information from any credible news source. Am I supposed to be outraged that the GSA rented space from the mosque, which has “ties to Anwar al Awlaki, a leading Islamic terrorist recruiter”?

      Guilt by association? You do know something about McCarthy, don’t you?

  3. We could go past the Verona Papers, Don’t know much about Mc Carthy, but I’ve had this conversation before… I do know my first memories of TV were “I refuse to answer on the grounds the answer may tend to incriminate me”.

    That’s what you want to convict Scott of right? Taking the 5th? If there was anything to be found on Scott, Holder would have found it, right before the election

    The Iman bfore al Awlaki was tied to the 1st World Trade Center Bombing. A teacher from the place is in prison for trying to kill Bush, the Ft Hood shooter attended services there, so did a couple of the 9/11 Hijackers. Five members are facing Terroism charges in Pakistan. The was a plot to Blow th Chesapeake Bay Bridge.. A few board members are in prison fo moneey laundering… great place..

    • I still don’t get your point about the Mosque? I think everyone knows that there are some bad guys “connected” to some mosques – whatever “connected” means. And Randall Terry is a Catholic. And why is it a big scandal if the GSA rents office space from that mosque? Or from the mob, or from the Saudis, or whoever? It must have been another “conservative” fake outrage du jour. Gotta find SOMETHING to blow smoke about.

      Did Scott take the Fifth? I didn’t know about that. You are familiar with his service at Columbia/HCA, aren’t you? We’re talking convictions, not baseless allegations.


      If Scott keeps signing legislation that benefits his own business interests, he’ll be lucky to finish out his term as governor before the indictments start rolling in. Is Florida trying to catch up with Illinois?

      Back in the day when McCarthy was grilling everyone in sight, those subjected to his grilling were being given the choice of 1) implicating someone, anyone, regardless of guilt (whatever “guilt” meant), 2) saying you didn’t know anyone left-leaning and risk being charged with purjury, or 3) taking the Fifth. What would you have done? Probably door #1.

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