Cairo Comes to Walker

March 8, 2011

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin is Scott Walker’s hometown. The town was jumping Monday night when Wisconsin pro union protesters dropped in on a Town Hall led by GOP US Rep Jim Sensenbrenner & Wisconsin State Senator Leah Vaukmir.

The event didn’t start well…..the protesters had some strong feelings about collective bargaining. Who Knew? Sensenbrenner abruptly adjourned the meeting due to the “disrespect” shown by the attendees. Sensenbrenner is infamous for turning off the lights & microphones during a hearing in DC in the past that was chaired by a Democrat. It looks like there may be one set of rules for Republicans & another for Democrats…..at least according to Sensenbrenner’s definition of “disrespect”.

This type of “disrespect” was perfectly acceptable when the Tea Party dropped in on Democratic Town Halls to express their displeasure about the health care debate. What’s changed?

If a private company tried to take back a pension they would be in Federal Court.

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