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Nice Video Newt!

March 31, 2011

Boy Big Oil is not going to like you.


Beck TV?

March 26, 2011

Sure right. Beck has been losing viewers and sponsors at a high rate. By January there will be none left.


Koch Up

March 16, 2011


Want One of These in YOUR Backyard?

March 11, 2011

TOKYO — Japan declared states of emergency for five nuclear reactors at two power plants after the units lost cooling ability in the aftermath of Friday’s powerful earthquake. Thousands of residents were evacuated as workers struggled to get the reactors under control to prevent meltdowns.

Japan earthquake Hundreds dead after quake, tsunami slam Japan
Updated 33 minutes ago 3/12/2011 1:03:30 AM +00:00 Nearly 24 hours after a massive earthquake struck Japan, unleashing a 23-foot tsunami that swept hundreds to their death, rescuers fanned out Saturday morning to search for survivors and victims.

.Updated 0 minutes ago 3/12/2011 1:37:05 AM +00:00 Emergencies declared at 5 Japan nuclear reactors
Japan’s earthquake: How to help
Early hero of Japan’s quake tragedy: Building codes
Updated 75 minutes ago 3/12/2011 12:21:14 AM +00:00 Japan braces for economic aftershocks
Watch as destruction unfolds in Japan
Updated 30 minutes ago 3/12/2011 1:07:04 AM +00:00 Video shows chaotic moments during Japan’s 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the destruction caused by a powerful tsunami that hit the island nation Friday.

. Japan’s tsunami awes even the experts
Science editor Alan Boyle’s Weblog: Seismic experts have long known that Japan’s complex undersea fault system can unleash great waves, but this one was the most violent tsunami to hit the nation in the past century.

. Massive earthquake hits Japan
An 8.9-magnitude quake triggers tsunami, causing enormous damage.
…Operators at the Fukushima Daiichi plant’s Unit 1 scrambled ferociously to tamp down heat and pressure inside the reactor after the 8.9 magnitude quake and the tsunami that followed cut off electricity to the site and disabled emergency generators, knocking out the main cooling system.


Collect the Taxes That are Due.

March 11, 2011


The New McCarthyism

March 9, 2011

The right always needs an enemy to keep the rabble fearful and voting against thier own best interests.


Cairo Comes to Walker

March 8, 2011

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin is Scott Walker’s hometown. The town was jumping Monday night when Wisconsin pro union protesters dropped in on a Town Hall led by GOP US Rep Jim Sensenbrenner & Wisconsin State Senator Leah Vaukmir.

The event didn’t start well…..the protesters had some strong feelings about collective bargaining. Who Knew? Sensenbrenner abruptly adjourned the meeting due to the “disrespect” shown by the attendees. Sensenbrenner is infamous for turning off the lights & microphones during a hearing in DC in the past that was chaired by a Democrat. It looks like there may be one set of rules for Republicans & another for Democrats… least according to Sensenbrenner’s definition of “disrespect”.

This type of “disrespect” was perfectly acceptable when the Tea Party dropped in on Democratic Town Halls to express their displeasure about the health care debate. What’s changed?

If a private company tried to take back a pension they would be in Federal Court.