The Chickens Come Home for War Criminals

February 11, 2011

And Bush stays home becuase of danger of arrest….



  1. I think you are less a yellowdog and more of a yellowjacket 🙂 I’ve been personally practically killed by them. I approve 🙂
    Graychin…don’t stay away. Nothing was your fault. As the song says, I’m not feeling too good myself. I’m hoping for a peaceful solution, like making good on voluntary withdrawal.

  2. A swarm of yellow jackets would be fine for Dubby and Darth. Or red ants. Or zombies. But yellow dogs are pretty good at chewing up regressives. 🙂

  3. Cheney looks more like Montgomery Burns with every passing day.

    FrumForum had a column saying that Obama should protest Switzerland for frightening Bush out of speaking there. Or something. It didn’t make much sense.


    Not much chance of that happening, I think. Let Bush lie lie in the bed of his own making. Best that Bush stay in Texas, and Cheney go back to his undisclosed location.

  4. FN, my fault or not, I’m not interested in putting up with assholes online anymore. Sorry.

  5. Both Bush’s and Cheney’s bed will be made by history. It won’t be pretty.

  6. If we were a nation of laws, both Bush and Cheney would be in jail as war criminals already.

  7. True PL – but laws don’t count sore some.

  8. Graychin…and who could blame you. Seeing Cheney in video from CPAC, he looks thinner and therefore healthier than he ever has. When in fact you know he is less healthy and awaiting a heart transplant. I can’t bring myself to wish he dies, but I hope he gets sick enough to quit spreading evil. Maybe if he gets a transplant he will have to STFU while he recovers. I know that alone is fairly evil on my part, but I can’t help it. I despise him…way more than W.

  9. I hope Osama bin Laden doesn’t die either before we catch him. Same deal.

  10. Both Osama and Cheney are already dead.

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