“Second Amendment Remedy”?

January 9, 2011

The image above is a screen grab from Sarah Palin’s takebackthe20.com website, before election day.  Click on the image for a larger view.

This is the Google cache of takebackthe20.com as of Jan 8, 2011 19:03:47 GMT.

As of Jan 9 at 11:00 AM CST, the takebackthe20 server “is not responding.”


Friends, perhaps even Sarah Palin agrees that it’s time to dial the rhetoric back a notch or two.

– G



  1. Don’t believe for a second Sarah’s BS about those crosshairs being “surveyors’ symbols.” She herself called them “bullseyes” on the day after election day.

    Why would she lie about it now, instead of simply saying “I regret it”?

    (Yes, Gabrielle Giffords was one of the Twenty.)

    • “If a Detroit Muslim put a map on the web w/crosshairs on 20 pols, then 1 of them got shot, where would he b sitting right now? Just asking.”

      – Michael Moore

    • Can we all agree on this? – Targeting a political rival with crosshairs and encouraging your supporters to “Reload”… Guarantees that people will wag the finger of shame at you when the person gets shot in the head.

  2. Come on, it’s just a pointer on a map! You liberals and your stupid “symbology.”

  3. Giffords’ opponent in the recent election, Jesse Kelly, held a campaign event in June where participants were invited to shoot an automatic weapon with the candidate, which was advertised as a chance to “get on target for victory in November help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office”:

  4. I have to admit whether this piece of crap is a Tea Partier or not, the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party has become in my eyes an extremist entity. Gun rights are not all that true conservatives stand for and I don’t believe anyone regardless of political affiliation would condone such a heinous act. The Republican Party has been transformed from the true reform party that it was under Lincoln to a bunch of rednecks spouting religious ideology while advocating the killing of fellow citizens. I won’t leave the party because I believe we can still see a meaningful change within the parties structure in my lifetime.

    • Josh.. What’s up.. you old Region RAT!.. Choo Choo! The Big TEN sucked this year.. What can I say.. and they are freezing up there as I type.. My pals are dealing with mega snow and intense wind chills.. what else is new.. Here we got a little dust. So what. email dude.. dd4631@gmail.com

      As for this stuff.. I was just devastated yesterday. What happened at the strip mall is the result of a crazy moron. Has NOTHING to do with Sarah Palin or OBAMA. The problem with the USA today is people do not want to take responsibility. I have been reading threads on New York Times, LA, Detroit, and Usatoday.. just sickening. All the Evil shit. This guy was a NUT job. Here we still have crazy people today at the funeral of Christina Green holding signs saying “God sent this Killer”. Dallas Green should sent out pitchers and old baseball players out there. Play a game of HARDBALL… They have a right to a baseball game in TRibute to his granddaughter.. REady, aim, Fire.. Mark those balls well boyz.. Those people can Keep the balls if they like..

      Crazy people. This incident had nothing to do with Politics. Thank God a housewife tackled the dude.. The cops were nowhere.. Just the day before.. the Pentagon received 3 parcels that exploded. You would think that they would of put out a HIGH RED Alert.. but NOOOOO. There were no FBI or Secret Service folks out there.

      If this happened in NYC.. all would of minded their own business. And more people would of been shot. Be vigilant today.. more of this stuff will be happening.. Evil is feeding mega trolls.. and those trolls are NUTS.

    • Nothing to do with politics? Really? The evidence now points to the shooter having written “assassination” and “Giffords” before he went on his mission.

      When you target a member of the government for assassination, it seems very political to me.

  5. I’m fighting this battle over at my blog with my latest post. It confounds me the devotion this woman receives from folks.

    • What is confounding is the “conservative” unwillingness to consider, even for a moment, that maybe (just maybe!) all the heated rhetoric conflating Second Amendment action and bullseyes with politicians might (just might!), occasionally, have real-world consequences.

      Even a deranged person absorbs some of the noise that surrounds him. The evidence now indicates that “assassination” and “Giffords” were on the shooter’s mind as motivation for attending the event.

    • Would you believe one of my readers early in the weekend asked “did he even intend to kill Giffords?”. Nah … he shot her at point blank range but meant to shoot someone else.

      I haven’t been this pissed off at conservatives since Palin got nominated in 08. 😦

    • Blue is right about one thing – no one wants to take responsibility for anything.

      Especially conservatives, for what they say.

      Why did Sarah scrub her website after the incident, since there was absolutely nothing wrong with it?

  6. What Palin Needed to Say After Giffords’ Shooting

    Palin failed to appreciate the question being posed to her. That question was not: “Are you culpable for the shooting?” The question was: “Having put this unfortunate image on the record, can you respond to the shooting in a way that demonstrates your larger humanity? And possibly also your potential to serve as leader of the entire nation?”

    Of course, Palin has yet to give the answer called for by events. Instead, her rapid response operation has focused on pounding home the message that Palin is innocent, that she has been unfairly maligned by hostile critics. Which in this case happened to be a perfectly credible message. And also perfectly inadequate. Palin’s post-shooting message was about Palin, not about Giffords. It was defensive, not inspiring. And it was petty at a moment when Palin had been handed perhaps her last clear chance to show herself presidentially magnanimous.


    • Frum’s article was great. I posted that link to my comments section earlier today.

    • No one’s mind will be changed.

      I often hear that liberals are so critical of Palin and that she gets so much media attention because liberals are AFRAID of her. What I think that her admirers have in mind for her “fear factor” is that she represents and speaks for the vanguard of a New Conservative Movement that will sweep progressives out of the political area for the next two generations. That we fear the powerful spokesperson that she is.

      Of course it’s true that we are afraid – in a sense. I am afraid because she represents – and promotes with astonishing success – every one of the worst characteristics in our political marketplace: the “otherness” of her opponents (because she represents the “real” America), the glorification of ignorance and the ridicule of, you know, REAL QUALIFICATIONS, the jaw-dropping sense of entitlement, hypocrisy about “family values,” her disregard for the hard work of, you know, ACTUAL RESPONSIBILITY demonstrated by her service of only half her term as governor…. (Feel free to add to the list.)

      Anyone who thinks liberals have reason to fear Palin the Leader should check her polls for her negatives – even among devout Republicans. What I actually fear are the sheep who think she’s worth listening to. There are way, way too many of them.

  7. Fox News Warns That Without Angry Rhetoric It Will Have 24 Hours to Fill

    NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) – Calls for a reduction in violent political rhetoric have plunged the Fox News Channel into chaos, with a Fox spokesperson warning today that such a move “would leave us with 24 hours to fill.”

    “Let’s not underestimate the giant hole this would create,” said spokesperson Carol Foyler. “Fox without violent rhetoric would be like The Weather Channel without maps.”

    In contrast with Ms. Foyler’s alarmed comments, Fox host Glenn Beck took the news of a possible programming change in stride: “If I’m kicked off the air, I’ll return to my first love: standing in the back of crowded theaters and yelling, ‘Fire.’”


  8. I will say it again.. this shooting is all about a craze maniac. It has NOTHING to do with POLITICS. Anyone who shoots a 9 year old girl in the back is NUTS. If you do not see that, then you too are nuts. There is a madness in today’s society. It is call right vs. left. In the 60’s it was black vs. white. In the civil war it was the north vs. south. You bet we have a war in this country.. I see all around us every time I go out. the sticking hate. If you have an accent, forget about it.. People who read shit are zombies.. they automatically assume you are one of ‘them’..

    and what is them.. well that depends. We have become a blameless society. Always seeking out someone to point the finger at. We don’t want to take responsibility. Here we are blaming the NRA, Obama, Sara Palin.. heck we might as well blame this shooting on Brett Farve or worst the Cory M.

    I am sick of this crap. There were a lot of warning signs that this manic was a grenade. I think his parents should go to jail. I’m serious. Even if he is mentally challenged. If this was my son, I would of had him on meds or in a hospital. It is obvious he was a danger not only to himself but to others!

    His animosity towards Sarah Palin and other conservatives or toward Health care isn’t going to bring Christina Green back.. Christina Green didn’t even know what Health Care was all about.. duh.. He shot the 9 year old in the BACK..
    I want this monster DEAD like yesterday.. That homemaker who tackled him.. should of killed him.. if she was Greek, Italian or Spanish she would of..

    • Blue, I remember the 1960’s. I came of age in the 1960’s. The 1960’s were good years when I look back. Things changed then – for the better.

      Blue, the 1960’s were NOT about “black vs. white.” If you believe that, then you misunderstand the entire civil rights movement. White racists argued (still do) that black advancement means white losses.

      But human rights are not a zero-sum game. When racism wins, we all lose.

    • When youu make guns available to manics and pound the air 24/7 with hate – then it is your fault. Suck it up and admit it.

  9. Palin did the responsible thing in taking off her shit.. I think everyone should scrum everything off. I mean liberal and con.. The madness has to stop.. like NOW..

    • The responsible thing would have been to refrain from putting her “shit” up there in the first place.

    • and then she should have apologized, vowed to never say that crap again, and denounced the hate. Instead she hides. What a jerk.

  10. Paul Krugman:

    Where’s that toxic rhetoric coming from? Let’s not make a false pretense of balance: it’s coming, overwhelmingly, from the right. It’s hard to imagine a Democratic member of Congress urging constituents to be “armed and dangerous” without being ostracized; but Representative Michele Bachmann, who did just that, is a rising star in the G.O.P.

    And there’s a huge contrast in the media. Listen to Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann, and you’ll hear a lot of caustic remarks and mockery aimed at Republicans. But you won’t hear jokes about shooting government officials or beheading a journalist at The Washington Post. Listen to Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly, and you will.

    So will the Arizona massacre make our discourse less toxic? It’s really up to G.O.P. leaders. Will they accept the reality of what’s happening to America, and take a stand against eliminationist rhetoric? Or will they try to dismiss the massacre as the mere act of a deranged individual, and go on as before?


    Blue, we already have your answer.

  11. Palin is the GOP’s version for Pelosi.. tit for tat. when one has something, the other club come up with something better. I can give you a handful of GOPer then counter them with a handful of Liberals. All are whacked out.. and also criminals.

    • The difference between Palin and Pelosi? No, it isn’t lipstick.

      Pelosi has, you know, ACTUAL RESPONSIBILITY. And was chosen for her position by her fellow congresscritters. Palin was chosen for her position (embarrassing and failed VP candidate) by just one befuddled and irresponsible old man.

      All are criminals? Really? All? Blue, you’re the one who is whacked out. Especially this evening.

    • Except that Pelosi didn’t quit the job she was elected to do. And Pelosi knows policy. And Pelosi has an IQ higher than a can of tomato soup. Other than that, you’re right — they’re a lot alike… lol

  12. Blue has lost it.

  13. palin and pelosi have nothing in common. palin is a twit, pelosi one of the smartest politicos around – the regressives hate her for it.

    • OMG!! Doggie.. you need a Vacation.. bad.. Pelosi doesn’t even know how to read..

    • I am on vacation. The regressives hate Pelosi just like Clinton because they both ran circles around the repugs.

    • doggie.. email me sometime.. dd4631@gmail.com

      I’ll send you some good recipes.

      Don’t worry. I already know WHO you are.. duh.. what the heck.. as long as you ain’t a criminal. what difference does it make.. there is always BLOCK and then the delete!

      Man I am turning into a wimp.. it’s too cold.. 24′.. heck.. I can’t stand it. and here I would walk in -10.. for miles. go figure.

    • I get enuf spam already

  14. Sorry about the truncation. Full text:

    So Palin & crew are feeling unjustly blamed for the actions of an extremist. Maybe they can ask Muslims for advice on how to deal w/ that.

    • Gray stop Politicizing. YOU are just fueling the hate. Who cares what sarah Palin kicks out today.. really. Or the Obama for that matter.

      I don’t..

      and guess what.. the country doesn’t either. 6Million men are unemployed under the age of 30! What do you think they are worried about???

      Guess what.. I heard Tim is worry about the Chinese.. who are worried about the Yen! bhahaha!

    • Unfortunately, a LOT of people care what Sarah Palin says, and like it. They are even stupider than she is.

      Sarah Palin put crosshairs on her targeted politicians. She didn’t call them surveyors’ marks back then – she called them bullseyes. I say that’s wrong. Today, Sarah won’t apologize or even express regret. She thinks SHE is the victim.

      And you say that I am the one fueling the hate?

      I couldn’t disagree more. When someone incites others to hate and violence, whether intentionally or not, the rest of us can either call out their bad behavior, or sit back meekly and let the hateful rhetoric dominate the conversation.

      You know which side I’m on.

  15. PS.. I’m not going into the blog.. my new year’s resolution.. no more blah blah blah.. maxine waters told me so.. as did richard daly, tom delay and mr. rengel. etc. etc. Rod Blago plays the get out of Jail card well he is doing commercials today. He wins.. Let’s all do the wavvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve. !

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