Ass Clown of the Year

December 27, 2010

Down to the final two in Ass Clown of the year. I think of most of the commenters on Rutherford’s blog – let alone Alf’s. Gotta be Faux viewers. Faux makes people sooooo stupid. And Faux – the GOP-Teabagger big lie channel – is a Beck enabler.

Its official! It’s faux Noise viewers!

Get a brain morans!


  1. Hey.. I love BOZO.. as for the ass.. oh that one is so simple.. there are so many..

    Cory M… comes first to mind.
    LIL Sparrow.. next
    Alan Shore.. etc..
    Do you know what it took to get tickets to this show.. I grew up with BOZO.. Note Oliver has a southern accent..

    • Hey.. check out the chimps.. the smokers were on BOZO.. LOL

      Also, note we had to ‘dress up’ to go to the show.. suits and ties.. our Sunday BEST! God I loved that show.. Everyone in my home town love this show..
      Alas.. they don’t make them like they use too..

  2. ooops I forgot to add FDRoosevelt and ISAY on my list!

    I think FDR is a little higher up.. what a pathetic dweeb..

    At least I got to punt the ISAY biotch.. LMAO!

  3. Yes -point made – an insult to Bozo.

    • LMAO.. yes doggie. Bozo had class! even the chimps back then did.. Alas.. what has happened.. EVIL lurks everywhere.. but remember the TRUTH shall set you FREE..

      enough said.. I need to take the wee westie out for a walk.. I am gonna lose this cheese if it kills me.. Don’t know why.. just because..

  4. LOL It’s uncharitable to call my commenters ass clowns. After all, if they are all Fox devotees, they’ve been brainwashed. It’s like calling Patty Hearst an ass clown. 🙂

    On a lighter note, the Bozo I watched as a kid didn’t have that helium voice that was in the video … and he did have a slight southern accent. What was funny was that I had an English teacher in High School who sounded just like Bozo. He was also gay and hated his mother, but that’s beside the point. 😯

    I don’t know if Romper Room played in any of you guys localities, but my sister was on it. That was one of two TV appearances she had. The other when she was much older involved a “man” on the street interview. I don’t remember the topic but we all got a kick out of seeing her. She said about five words to the news correspondent but we still thought she was famous.

    • We had the romper room too. I see you and I see spot.. those tickets were are to get too!

      There is something said about being in Public Eye.. sometimes ASSES will use the stuff to harass and slander.. Heck… we have FACEBOOK today. Enemy can swipe a photo from there and really go for it as we all saw on the Tulsa World years ago.

      All in all the ass usually will get kicked and eventually WIPED OUT! FACT!

    • The Dog and I have an ongoing conversation about Faux viewers.

      It’s kind of a chicken-and-egg thing. Does viewing Faux MAKE you stupid, or do you have to be stupid in the first place to choose Faux as your news source? I think it’s the latter.

      In a free society, “brainwashing” is something you do to yourself.

    • Well stupid is hard to define. I have known many people who in a formal academic sense could not have been stupid – but in other ways. People skills, appreciation of the arts, ability to teach, empathy, you name it. The mind is very complicated.

  5. The final two? Who is the second one?

    First place was never in doubt.

    It’s “uncharitable” for the Dog to call Rutherford’s commenters “ass clowns”? Why the sudden sensitivity?

    • The second one was Beck – but then he is just one of many ass clowns on Faux.
      I feel sorry for druggies too. Many of the clowns on Rutherford’s site are not victims though – like many teabaggers it is willful ignorance – rationalize your selfishness and it’s OK.

  6. gEEZ.. IT IS Obvious that you guys have listened to those BIG TEN profs too long. Gray.. is it wrong to have an animosity towards FAT people who line up at the all you can eat buffet? I mean here they are just part of the problem of why our Health insurance premiums are so high.. Same with a smoker. Why should we pay for their GLUTTONY.

    This is the same thing with Faux.. no one is forcing you to read or watch.. We have freedom of Speech in the US.. I think!? At least I haven’t been punted off here yet.

  7. The only folks talking about press censorship are faux and thier ilk. Still another way to stir up the rabble.

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