How to Spend Your Bonus

December 21, 2010

Our vintage Land Rover auction is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, who bid $160,900 for the chance to own this one-of-a-kind Land Rover!




  1. Congratulations doggie.. green is your color..

  2. Woof – thanks – but it’s yellow…

  3. My bonus wasn’t big enough.

    Was yours?

  4. bonus? errr no.

  5. I didn’t know we were getting bonuses.. someone musta missed my name.. No bonuses at my house..

  6. You must not be a banksta Blue.
    In my non-bank world bonuses were always a fraud. They were given instead of raises – for net much less money and it was never clear why you got it – or not.

  7. Yeah.. they always give us a turkey or ham.. WTF? I would really like the CASH..

    I need some $$.. I haven’t shop to your drop for a long time..

    Pray I get a job..(I interviewed with my old employer last week for a cash specialist position) this market trade stuff I’m doing today is just not cutting it.

  8. He he. When I was a kid my Dad would get a turkey from the boss man. But it was never until the last moment and my mom would worry that it might not come. Then when we got it it would be frozen hard, and a 22 lb monster – far too big for us.
    But then in more recent years my German boss gave everyone in the group some kind of commercial German fruit cake. It was hard and awful – we tossed most of it – I expect others did the same.

  9. that fruit cake sounds like my German mother-in-law’s.. She started to make the stuff in August.. gross.. said it needs to ferment or something. Doggie.. they got clobbered in MI and IN.. cold and snow! Egad! not a good time to travel.. sleeping at Ohare is the pits. I hope your kiddies got home safe. My house is slowly getting clean.. Paul and I dusted and then some.. This house doesn’t take forever to clean.. like the other one did.. I hate stairs..

    We found a gray cat in front of our door this morning.. named it Christmas.. She wanted to come in.. NO WAY.. Zorba hates cats! I put some pics on Facebook.. she had amber eyes.. maybe it is a sign..

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