GOP Math

December 12, 2010

Actually I suspect the toon is wrong. MCConnell and his fellow thieves know thier math just fine. But they count on the dumbdication the teabaggers have to not notice they are being swindled. Madhof got 150 years.



  1. The MOST important issue to Republicans, now and at all other times, is low taxes for gazillionaires.

    They will fold on every other issue if they get that – and only that.

    They don’t care at all about deficits. They just say that they do.

  2. 2) Make sure Obama and the country fail
    3) See #1

  3. What they are thinking today.. is ‘stimulus’..they will kick out 600Billion.. to see if they can jump start the Banks into lending again.

    With that and the tax cuts.. maybe just maybe something will happen.. Seriously, there is a catch 22 in this plan.. the DOLLAR. In addition to the FEAR factor.

    Last I looked the Bond Market is tanking.. NOT GOOD.

    This will be a very anxious week.

  4. Of course the bond market is tanking. The “fear factor” drove people to bonds and there is a huge bubble.
    Giving tax cuts to the rich is about the poorest payback stimulus there is. 15%. Unemployment, food stamps 150%.

  5. Have you guys seen Michele Bachmann’s crazy math on this yet? She made some crazy-ass statement that the tax breaks for the rich relieve their “personal deficit” and we must be careful to differentiate between a Fed deficit and a personal deficit.

    Shouldn’t drug testing be mandatory for serving in Congress?

  6. “Shouldn’t drug testing be mandatory for serving in Congress?”All candidates for federal office shoudl be vetted by teh FBI.
    Job history
    Education history
    Criminal record
    Credit history
    Drug history
    Yes mental history
    …the works – quite a few crackpots – Angle, Miller, O’Donnell would never have even tried…

    • Politics is the domain of people different from most of the rest of us. Even the good politicians have egos that would make them stand out in a gathering of normals.

      I know that the Dog is being somewhat facetious, but I see no end of problems that would come from letting the FBI* decide who is fit for political office. I prefer letting the crazies run unencumbered. It works out well that way for Democratic candidates. The Dog mentioned two nutjobs who handed sure Republican pickups in the Senate to Democrats.

      * (FBI – the guys who occupy the J. Edgar Hoover building. I will never believe that they are on our side until they change the name of that building. It’s as if Germany had a Joseph Goebbels Department of Communication.)

  7. Gray, LOL loved your FBI building comment. There is an alternative. Keep the name on the building but re-purpose the building as a bar and spa for cross-dressers. 🙂

  8. So it does not have to be the FBI. Civil Service? The same folks who do employment checks. But sure O’Donnell and Angle turned sure wins into routs. Thanks gurls. 🙂 How about checking after nomination?

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