Okiehoma has Idiots for Senators

December 11, 2010

Well, here’s some good news for a change. The Holiday Parade of Lights in Tulsa, Okla., has been saved!

I know you’ve been worried.

The Tulsa City Council has voted to allow the parade to go forward Saturday night, despite protests against the disappearance of the word “Christmas” from its name.

It’s not entirely clear that the council actually could have stopped it, or even whether the parade ever officially had Christmas in its name. But Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma is outraged




  1. Here in Tallahassee it’s called the Winter Festival/Celebration of Lights. Why it has to have two names is beyond me, unless it’s because we’re in the South where everything, including the people, has to have two names, like “Jim Bob”. But it has never been called “Christmas” anything. Funny that it’s unclear whether or not yours ever had Christmas in its name either.

  2. Oklahoma has some crazy senators this is a FACT.. I have lived in 3 States and have NEVER seen it as bad as in Okie Land… must be the lithium in the water.

    Illinois is another state where the crazies come out. However, there the citizens actually REBEL. Here folks just take the morons with the flow.. and decide to wear the tin foil hat because it is COOL..

  3. On another note…

  4. Ron Paul is obsolete….

  5. Ha ha.. just wait until he kicks out the subpoenas!!! We will then discuss just who is obsolete!!!

    • Government by subpoena? Sounds great!

      America can hardly wait. Never mind all our other problems.

    • The FED was the major player in creating some of those problems.. IMO

      The FED is a very powerful entity.. more powerful than the POTUS and congress..

      We are in a financial war!!!

  6. Hey.. check it out.. Now here is an example of what Michelle SHOULD be doing!!!!! I guess Sarah is selling books in Haiti.. duh..


  7. Sarah will do something for anyone but herself the same day that hell freezes over.

    There is a name for that disease Blue – Obama Derangement Syndrome.

    • dog.. lookie here.. I think you may be onto something..


  8. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/12/weekinreview/12chan.html

    A looney to investigate the asylum. Lots of theater which will amount to nothing.

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