Does anyone else miss this guy?

December 9, 2010



  1. not really.. there is one born every 5 minutes.. Don’t you wish there was a wikileak on his school transcripts or Birth Certificate.. who know maybe there will be..

  2. Yes I do. The guy we elected never showed up for office.

  3. Blue is a birther?

  4. I hope SayWhat is not a birther …. that just crosses over into loony land in my book. Sorry SW.

    As for the “real Obama”, jeesh, I just don’t know anymore and I said as much on my blog. What seems to me more amusing is how conservatives are rejoicing at the internecine warfare going on this week. As I wrote at my place, just look at MSNBC to see the schism. Chris Matthews is a staunch Obama defender on this and nearly cut Sherrod Brown a new assh*le yesterday. Ed Schulz is about to pop a blood vessel. Crazy Larry (one of my favs) says folks who are angry at Obama don’t understand how to do tax legislation. Olbermann delivers a scathing special comment essentially saying “we put you in and we can take you out”. Maddow delivers her more intellectual and understated disgust.

    Meanwhile Rethuglicans as we like to call them are having a field day. “You elected a fake.” “You’re a bunch of whiners, Obama is finally leading.” etc etc. The list goes on.

    I’ll tell you guys this much. If we get stupid enough to support a primary challenge against Obama we WILL lose the White House in 2012. We may be disappointed but he’s our only hope of another four years of power.

    • Like the Dog said, the guy we elected never showed up for duty.

      That doesn’t make Obama a phony – I still believe that he wants the things that he said he wants. He just doesn’t know how to go about getting them.

      I wish he could channel Lyndon Johnson for a while to get some lessons on how to deal with Republicans in Congress. Or just get on the phone with Bill Clinton occasionally. Clinton made Newt look like a fool, and Newt was a lot smarter than John Boehner.

    • ….another four years of power.

      I haven’t felt very powerful these past two years.

      A primary challenge might be good for Obama and those who supported that guy we voted for. Actually, the present rebellion by Congressional Democrats might be VERY good for Obama. He might come to realize that he needs to actually fight for his beliefs against united Republican opposition to ANYTHING that might be seen as an achievement.

      You can’t negotiate with these guys. They have shown over and over that they don’t negotiate in good faith. They never, ever, give even an inch. Public opinion is the only voice they hear. So since 80% of Americans are opposed to continued low taxes for millionaires, why give in on the issue? Take the argument to the people!

      And do that on every issue that matters, on every issue that Republicans obstruct. No one can do that better than Obama. If he only will.

    • Ahmen Chin – stand up to the thugs – fists and guns are all they understand. And yes Bill a call – he had a split congress and ran circles around the rethugs. They still hate him for it.

  5. Obama’s birth certificate is available for all to see.
    Transcript? Heck I cannot even see my kids that I’m paying big bucks every year for.
    Having said that I think EVERY candidate for a federal office should be vetted by the FBI. Education, employment record, credit history, legal record – the works. That would have kept quite few idiots like Miller and O’Donnell from running.

    • Speaking of transcripts – Dubby’s transcript would be quite a hoot. He was drunk the whole time.

  6. I like this guy…

  7. Ryan is a loser. He proposed what the GOP says they want (cut spending) and they threw him under the bus. His bill was DOA. Something like 13 sponsors – none of the GOP leadership. Of course not! All they care about is 1) Cut taxes for the rich 2) Make Obama and the country fail 3) When in doubt see #1.

    • Bull Shit.. Paul Ryan makes SENSE! The problem with this administration is that they have too many IVY League Economists who think Keyesian Econ will solve everything.. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Paul Ryan knows his shit!!! He tells it as it is. I like Evan Bayh too. If those two ran on a ticket.. they would WIN. I would literal be like the corvetteguy who travels with GOP… go around campaigning for them..

      BTW, I heard Ron Paul will be appointed as the chair to AUDIT the FED today.. Now that will be interesting..

    • What exactly does the GOP leadership thing of Ryan?
      …see 1), 2) amd 3) above….

      Under the bus boy…

  8. I guess you guys can’t see the parody.. with my Wikileaks.. Really.. if you look back at all the Presidents.. Were any of them ‘smart’.. duh.. does it matter??? Not really! Does it matter where he or she was born.. Not really! What matters is whether or not they are competent. FDR was out of it during his term. It was Eleanor who was the POTUS.. this is reality. This is why the first lady is very important.. Bess Truman.. also!! Men and women work as a team.. when one falls the other PICKS up the baton!

    Let’s look at Catholic Priests for example.. If they were allowed to marry ‘women’.. they wouldn’t have HAD the intense ‘sex’ scandals nor the high levels of alcoholism.. Heck.. even the BIBLE scriptures tell us that WE work as a team.. men and women.

    The reason why Obama has such a poor rating today is because of Michele. YES.. Mishy.. The first lady is the TOP advisor to the President! :-p

  9. The right hates Michele – a strong, smart Black woman….almost worse than a black POTUS.

    • Strong? I don’t think so.. Smart? duh.. NOT! She is Worthless! Has done nothing!!!! Here Haiti or New Orleans are in an trouble.. First Lady is suppose to LEAD in social catastrophes!! Be a role MODEL.. Is she afraid of getting Cholera? Eleanor Roosevelt would have focus on Haiti and New Orleans 24/7. Shoot. Lady Bird would of been down in New Orleans every day..

      This lady doesn’t have an agenda.. yet we pay her to do what??? Chaperone. She needs to hit the road with her message on Obesity. Travel State to state.. like Sarah Palin does.. get the message OUT.. Visit schools, go to neighborhood meetings. Churches.. etc. etc..

      Who cares if they are black, white or checkered.. I think the LEFT keeps bringing up the race issue every time they need an EXCUSE.. for this administrations FAILURES..

  10. If Sarah does it it is wrong.
    State to state? – she is flogging her book.

    • PS the POTUS wife gets ZERO salary. Most don’t deserve one – the Bush Gurls?, Mrs Reagan? What a joke. Hillary should have.

    • BTW, Sarah’s latest book is sinking like a stone. Could it be that her 15 mins are just about up? 😉

    • I guess you haven’t seen Mishy’s budget.. her expense account!

      Yes.. the Palin fad is slowly fading.. She capitalized on a good thing.. and then some.. Smart!!!

      Next year.. you will see Paul Ryan and others in the limelight.. Ron Paul.. will be striking it up a notch or two..

      I don’t think people understand Paul.. He isn’t ‘anti’ government.. He is pro public service.. He is an avid advocate of the CONSTITUTION.. the BILL of RIGHTS.. Big difference.

      Those who opt for public office are there to SERVE the USA.. not to solely serve to private or special interest groups. Most USA politicians get bennies from being in office..Pelosi is a prime example.

      She doesn’t care about her state nor health care. Heck she hasn’t even read the health care bill..

      These folks are ‘incompetent’.. yet they are in POWER.. The people have voted.. Next year will be interesting. In addition, with all the Financial War still going on full force, I wouldn’t be surprise to see riots in our Street as they are in Europe..

  11. BTW.. dog.. Nancy Reagan did a hell of lot more than Mish… Just SAY NO! Betty Ford also kicked it up a notch.. with her Clinic.. may citizens didn’t know about the thousands of folks addicted to drugs and alcohol.. about the dysfunctional behaviors people have today.. These women have helps mega people.

    First Lady means to be influential.. Make a difference!!!!!!! Put a footprint on USA mud.. Mish hides..

    Heck.. I loved it when I saw Cindy McCain’s ad on the gay issue.. This is what it is all about! Being VOCAL and flipping the bird to those who think otherwise..

    • Let’s see if I understand what you are saying.

      In order to escape your verdict of “worthless,” Michell Obama either needs to become a drug addict (like Betty Ford) and then recover from it, or consult an astrologer (like Nancy Reagan) to help out her husband. Do I have that right?

      NR’s “just say no” campaign was so ridiculous that people are still laughing about it. And look at how effective it was.

      If there’s anything that Republicans can’t stand, it’s an effective Democratic president. So naturally they attack his wife, in the most vicious ways imaginable. They spread rumors that Eleanor Roosevelt slept with black men! The Horror! (With Michelle, that one has lost its sting, hasn’t it?) 😀

      And how long ago was it that Hillary was said to be the devil incarnate? We don’t here so much about her now that the Right has the Obama’s to hate.

  12. RIOTS!!!??? To beat up the rich thugs stealing our money. Doubt it.

    The Congressional Budget Office released its score Friday on the tax plan hammered out between Republicans and President Barack Obama, showing a $893 billion hit on the deficit over the next five years.

    The bulk of the deficit increase comes from loss of revenue — $756 billion — with the rest coming from additional direct outlays.

    The 13-month extension of unemployment benefits adds less than $57 billion to the deficit.

    The highest price item is the extension of the Bush-era tax cuts, which will add more than $400 billion to the deficit, followed by the payroll tax holiday at about $225 billion.

  13. errrr.. I just knew you all would take my post out to LEFT field.

    First lady’s job IMO is to focus on social issues.. She should look at the stats.. then crusade and focus on the top tier.. you all know the crap that pulls down the USA.. Mishy just sits at the WHO and plants… Geez.. you know I saw Bette Midler kick out a better Garden Project.. she is planting 1 Million Trees in New York!!!!!

    There are doers and THEN…. we have Mish.

  14. http://bcove.me/sj7cwodh

    Note the dodge.. LOL..

    • SW, you need to read my blog post on Obama’s cut and run. I was embarrassed beyond belief. Among liberals, I am in a small minority on this one.

  15. I have to say.. Bill knows his macro.. If only he knew how to manage his sex life.. But then.. this is what Hillary is suppose to do as a partner.. I guess they both failed in that department.

  16. It just galls the right to no end to see a functional BLACK family in the WH.

    • He isn’t Black.. he is a Kenyan-American.

      When I look at him.. I don’t see a Black man.. I see someone like ME.. the child of an immigrant. He is First Gen.. or is it second.

      Let me say this.. I have known folks who are Ethiopian American.. and they do not classify themselves as being ‘BLACK’.. some do not respect the ‘black’ americans.. They separate themselves. BO capitalized on this during his campaign.. He coddled and stroked both avenues.

      As for the ‘functional’… duh. that is your opinion..

      They are a family just like Clinton, Carter, and the Bushes are. Is being a first family.. functional.. normal.. bhahah..

      I want to see a picture of BO and Mish cleaning up puke in car.. with the girls screaming.. NOw.. that would be NORMAL and Functional..

    • I have said this before, but I get really offended when someone makes the stupid comment that Obama “isn’t black” – because his father was from East Africa instead of West Africa, or because he’s half white, or because he was raised by white people, or whatever.


      Yeah – he’s that black. Black enough. Can you hear me now?

    • Obama where I come from IS NOT Black.. I guess the Yanks and Southerns have two different perspective here when they see the color.

      Mr. Graychin.. I probably wouldn’t have been allowed to sit on the bus during your time..

      My completion is olive and when I tan.. I look hispanic. I can even pass for a Jew.

      Obama looks more Italian than Black.. Now Mish is another story.. She is a Black American Woman. Got her breaks via Affirmative Action!

    • This comment is just disgusting.

      You would have indeed been allowed to do everything a Swedish could do in 1950’s Oklahoma. I have met you face to face, and you don’t look foreign at all. The oddest thing about you is your strong Chicago accent. (Well, not the ODDEST thing – I mean the oddest thing to notice upon meeting you.) You seem purely American to me.

      Tulsa had lots of Greeks in the 1950’s, and believe me they weren’t treated the same as someone who looked a little African.

      Anyone can “pass” for a Jew, because Jews have so many different looks. Art Garfunkel? Kathie Lee Gifford?

      Michelle and affirmative action? That’s slanderous. The woman is wicked smart. Both she and her brother went to Princeton, and they don’t let you slide through either of those places based on your color.

      Why are you intent on putting these people down over their race? It’s pure and simple bigotry to say that a smart, successful black person only succeeded through affirmative action.

  17. Oh and let’s see which would we rather have – a POTUS who messes around – or one who starts wars as favors to his oil and military industrial complex cronies.

  18. SW, there are several measures of being black in America. One is, can you hail a cab in NYC easily, or do you get pulled over for driving a Benz? I assure you Obama were he not famous, would encounter both problems.

    The second measure is when it comes to race, do you have to think about it? I am a fair skinned black who can easily pass for white. In fact, just about everyone who knows me only casually (i.e. the lawn guy) thinks I am white. However since I have a truckload of black relatives including my parents, I know I’m black. I could try to pass but it would never change what is going on in my head.

    Now, with that said, I will grant you one thing and the blog owners will probably not agree with me. If Barack Obama had been a black American with slave ancestry, he would NEVER have been nominated President. It was his “exotic” profile that made his blackness acceptable.

    • It was top notch Marketing and Public Relations that got him the job..

    • As it is with any politician.

      But you can’t market dog food if the dogs won’t eat it.

  19. Just to clarify, I DO think Obama has paved the way for the next black president to have American slave heritage.

    • Rutherford, I don’t disagree with your theory as much as you might expect.

      But I don’t think it’s as simple as “slave ancestry.” It’s more subtle than that. Perhaps it was being raised by a white family that makes Obama seem to White America (or most of it) as “one of us” as opposed to “one of THEM.” The so-called “black culture” doesn’t stand out on him, even though he made the decision while a young man to self-identify as black. (Not that he could have fooled anyone if he had tried to “pass.”)

      Other examples: Colin Powell – one of “us.” Jesse Jackson – one of “them.”

      I don’t think America is ready for a president who doesn’t seem like part of the American mainstream, and maybe it never will be – although that mainstream seems to be getting wider all the time. It got a lot wider with Obama’s election.

    • Define Mainstream? If you look at the census.. just who is the minority and majority today.. hmmmm.

    • Err yeah “mainstream”. The GOP is pandering themselves into oblivion. Go against the blacks and the browns and the yellows and the Muslims, and the Jews and the atheists, and the catholics – and pretty soon you are history.
      With bigots like Angle, Trocadero, with teabaggers and thier signs the GOP will be toast. They can whine all they want – but the bottom line is they embrace them – they don’t denounce them.

  20. PS.. if someone did random DNA test.. majority of American people have both BLACK and WHITE ancestry.. Just my Opinion here.

    Would be interesting to see just how many..

    • Who gives a shit?

    • SW is right. If the one-drop rule really prevailed, there’d be a whole lot more black folk walkin’ around. 🙂

  21. I know someone who is half Chinese and half Caucasian. Extensive test data says few can place them. Hispanic? NDN maybe? Jewish in the NE.
    Most just are not tuned enough to tell. I have lived in Asia and can usually differentiate Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese. I guess Angle would call them all hispanic?

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