Yes, we could’ve….

December 8, 2010



  1. GAG!

  2. Perhaps we are to blame for believing in the slogans in the first place?

    • Shame on us for having hope?

  3. Well it was Clinton the corpratist, Obama the “moderate”, or Edwards….
    Should have nominated Pelosi.
    The liberals are in full revolt.

  4. No actually, we should have nominated Kucinich. The folks who tell the real truth in any presidential primary get marginalized as wackos and eliminated early in the game.

    We like our politicians to be “players”. It’s sad. We get what we deserve.

    • EXACTLY… Americans can’t handle the truth.. at least the ones who are on the KOOK AID.. Reality will soon hit after the Holidays are over.

    • The reality that the vandals, the take down the government crowd, are back? The klepto crowd have taken over again? No need to wait – I already know – and the “new better ones” are already feeding. Oink.

    • Turn the government over to people who despise government and don’t believe it can do anything right?

      Don’t be surprised if the result is a disaster.

  5. No sorry I lived in Cleveland when Kucinich was mayor. Not suitable for POTUS. Truth teller sure – but like it or not a POTUS has to be able to deal with a lot of folks, Dennis could not do that. The powers that be – those that he had to charm – hung him out to wave in the wind.

    • I was going to vote for Edwards, but he was fading by the time of our primary. So I voted for Obama in preference to Hillary. (OMG – how awful would it be if Edwards had won? Only Republicans can get away with that kind of stuff and remain politically viable.)

      I love Kucinich, but I have to agree that he isn’t presidential material.

      More importantly, McCain/Palin would probably have beaten Kucinich. I liked George McGovern too, but how did that work out?

      Disappointed as I am in Obama, we’re still way better off with him than we would be with a Republican president. My memory is still good enough that I remember the presidency of George W. Bush.

    • And have you seen Kucinich’s WIFE! Holy shit – is she hot or what? 😮

  6. Um yeah trophy wife. Dennis is funny looking – when mayor he was young and funny looking, now old and funny looking.

    I liked Edwards’ policies – just saw early on that he had no traction. At wife’s insistance we even went to OKC and shook his hand.

  7. The reason why people like Ron Paul and Kucinich can’t be POTUS is because they are NOT hollywood enough..

    Americans want ‘hollywood’ types.. They don’t care if their POTUS has the brain of rodents. It is all about IMAGE.. Obama won the election because of ‘public appeal’… He is a superb orator.. His marketing team did a top notch job!!! vs. the McCain team.. McCain was too OLD.. even though his wife would of made a Wonderful First Lady..

    Who knows what will happen in 2012.. I feel sorry for anyone who puts their hat in the ring.. They will inherit the biggest MESS this country has ever had. I don’t think a woman will win then.. It will be an unknown.

  8. Ron Paul and Kucinich “not Hollywood??? They are both showmen – and rabble rousers. We don’t need a rabble rouser as POTUS. Not to mention that Paul is a racist – like his son – he has moments of sanity like those guys at the state hospital – but for the most part he is off in the weeds.

  9. Dog, I have to get on board with you regarding Paul’s racism. When I heard stories about his racist newsletters I was so disappointed because up until that time I really liked the guy …. might have even voted for him. The racism history nailed the coffin shut. I still like watching him speak but he’ll never get my vote.

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