Remembering Reagan

December 5, 2010



  1. You mean Reagan, the 4th member of the Holy Trinity? God, the Son, the Holy Ghost, and Ronald Reagan. In light of the current air traffic controllers strike in Spain, I’ve been moved to think about Reagan myself.

  2. Is Nixon a repug deity yet?

  3. HIGH HO SIVLER… Gold just hit a record! what does it all mean.. It means people will not be spending $$ today.. They are saving.. Q2 has failed yet again. Ben needs to raise the (i).. but he won’t..

  4. Gold buyimg might affect your spending… Does not affect over all buying…In the 4th digit maybe?

  5. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2010/12/6/926181/-Global-banks-beginning-to-fear-unruly-peasants

    Silver going throught the roof. Market forces? No market manipulation and JP Morgan is trapped.

    • yeah.. I read this Doggie..

      I bought SILV back in August for my 401K fund. I should of bought some for the trading account.. Stupid ME.. Got in at 19.50.. The thing today is 30! My Gold fund is doing well too.. got that one at 13. It’s 21 today.

      Key is to diversify.. Mix up the portfolio.. a little of this and a little of that.

      I WILL NOT see any of my SS cash.. seriously.. It is gone. People have a choice in this country.. but NOT with the SS.. It is forced upon us. Reid is WRONG when he says taxes are option..

    • SW – will you sell me your right to collect future SS benefits for $100 cash? I have a nice crisp Franklin for you – which is worth a lot more than your future Social Security. Right?

      We can draw up a legal agreement (at my expense) which will require you to pay over to me (or to my heirs) any Social Security that you receive in the future – in exchange for the good and valuable consideration of $100 in American money. While American money is still worth something.

      Is it a deal?

    • Timing the market…O Dear. You might want to review what happened to gold and silver prices in the 1980’s Went through the roof, crashed and have never been that high since – including now.
      A lot of smart folks thought they could time it – or that this time was different. It wasn’t and they didn’t.

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