The Headlines Say It All

December 1, 2010

State Election Board votes to appeal Shariah law ruling

Inhofe refuses to participate in ‘holiday’ parade

The local High School holds an “All City Band Concert” every December. The name is secular – the content not so much. There is a local Muslim family with several kids in the school system. One of the girls played flute – with a big bow on it – pretty sporting I would say. A lot more class than “our” (maybe yours – not mine) Idiothof.



  1. I hope Inhofe refuses to participate in MUCH, MUCH more in Oklahoma. I’d love to never see his hypocritical face again.

  2. Inholfe is just doing what he thinks is right.. Holiday Parade.. ??? What’s the Holiday? I bet it’s Memorial Day.. or maybe hmmm.. Yom Kippur.. nope.. duh.. He is proving a point with this Liberal political correct stuff which has gotten to the point of NUTS.

    I wonder if the Jews or Muslims will have a float in the parade?? Did they in the past? I don’t recall. Where I come from.. They have their OWN parades. This is a ‘christian’ parade.. hence people call it the Christmas Parade. Jews and Muslims invited.. always. ha ha

  3. How “Christian” is it for Inhofe to do 1/4 of what he does? He is a whore for the ultra-rich; he votes without fail for wars based on lies; he supports torture; he denies science in the service of his pimps. He is a f*cking hypocrite, pure and simple.

  4. Idiothof “christian”? HAHAHAHA…

    • watch it thar boy.. Who are ye to judge.. Hey guess what.. I just read a bunch of shit from Joe Allan Doty.. on the Facebook. He is still CRAZY..

    • Easy – I compare what he claims to what he does. An agent of Satan perhaps?

    • Hey dog.. I just went to the Facebook TW.. looks like they deleted all of JAD’s stuff. My stuff is still up.. I wonder why..

      Poor JAD. It is obvious he has some issues. Everyone has issues but not like that one..

      The on-line TW gets off on Crime and deviant behavior. It’s hilarious how many posters get off on it. Those posters should be punted.. crazy people.. Who kicks out negative hateful responses to warm and fuzzies… ??? socio-paths!

      The TW hasn’t taken journalistic responsibility towards preventing crimes.. They are feeding the criminals to enact more deviant behavior. The Oklahoman doesn’t allow comments on deviant crimes.. makes sense. Deviants want attention.. they get off on those responses.. Someone needs to inform Jason about this.. but hey.. he is only concerned with the number of HITS.

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