November 30, 2010

Quick – which one is the pig?


  1. How come you don’t put on the stuff from Coburn.. He just got vote on killing the earmarks.. Tax cuts are definitely needed.. I SAY.. let us keep our hard earned cash.. Problem is.. who is wealthy?? Today people who make 150K.. are considered the middle class. What can you buy with a dollar today?? not even a pack of gum..

  2. Coburn is the worst of the GOP hypocrites. Even his fellow repugs won’t give him time of day. An ineffective loudmouth – like Baughman, or like Randy Paul will be.

    Earmarks cuts are symbolic – not meaningful.
    The line is not $150K – it is $250K and it could be $Million – would not matter. The folks this is after make way more than that. All worried about earmarks but happy with budget buster tax cuts LMAO.
    Budget cuts – go after the big stuff – the military.

    • budget cuts?? I heard Obama took 6 doctors and his personal chef on this last tour in Europe.. Geez. I hope Wiki comes up with the cost of all his smoke and mirror carnival troupe. Doggie, are the troops going to be back by Feb.. from Afghanistan.. 45K… is a lot of people.. to add to the unemployment line.

    • SW, too often you’re penny wise and pound foolish.

    • Would you mind telling us where you “heard” that stuff about the size of the Obama entourage? I can’t find any sign of it on the internets.

      You aren’t quoting silly emails from that nutty guy in Chicago again, are you?

    • Apparently the “source” was some yellow rag in India – which of course then hit the right wing echo chamber. The smarter ones pulled it – it was so clearly bogus.

  3. 26% of the American public favors keeping tax cuts for millionaires. That’s about the same percentage that supported W at the end (and would if he ate a baby on live TV).

    The GOP whores themselves for the ultra-rich. And Joe Six-Pack continues to vote for them. Go figure.

    • There was a story on NPR yesterday afternoon about a two-day forum (featuring Newt!) on how Republicans can win over more Latino voters in the face of the likes of Tom Tancredo. They played a clip of Tancredo saying “We see our communities turning into what Theodore Roosevelt called ‘polyglot boardinghouses,’ made up of immigrants who refuse to assimilate and refuse to speak English. These candidates will start using answers with phrases like ‘comprehensive solution’ when they’re talking about immigration and mean ‘amnesty.’ “

      From the NPR story: http://www.npr.org/2010/12/03/131785716/gop-pushes-harder-for-the-americano-vote

      Lionel Sosa, a veteran ad executive, has worked on seven Republican presidential campaigns. “I believe that we are missing a great opportunity,” Sosa said. “We as Republicans are not really emphasizing what brings us together, and that’s conservative values: love of the country. Love of family. Personal responsibility. Hard work. Optimism. Those are the things that we should be communicating to Latinos, and we’re doing that very poorly.”

      Excuse me, but when did love of the country, love of family, personal responsibility, hard work, and optimism become “conservative” values that liberals don’t share?

      Answer: it was when Republicans said that they did – even though it isn’t true.

      Republicans excel at wrapping their lipstick-disguised pigs in platitudes. Meanwhile, the Democrats suck at selling our progressive message.

    • You are absolutely right, Graychin, and that is why the 2010 election was a near-landslide. It is difficult to package truth in soundbites. Meanwhile, lies are easily branded, packaged, and sold by the right. Joe Six-Pack buys it hook, line and sinker.

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