Coburn Cartoons – We Can Do That

November 30, 2010


  1. HEY!! check this out.. it’s the invisible monster remember. Ha ha. I bet it was the invisible monster to leaked out to the wiki. I love the music in this vid.. bhahahah!

  2. Something from Mr. Panos!!!

  3. Will Oklahoma dump Coburn in 2010? No – Democrats couldn’t even find a credible candidate to run against him.

    If Coburn is true to his word, he is beginning his final six-year term.

    But he said he was going to leave Congress after four years. He didn’t – he ran for Senate instead.

    I can’t ever decide who is worse – Coburn or Inhofe. It’s whichever one I heard news about most recently.

  4. You didn’t even thank me for the tunes Blue.

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