What Will Your Tax Cut Bring for Xmas?

November 19, 2010

An Antique Landrover? Current bid only $99,999.00
or a flying car at only $350,000.00



  1. Everyday is christmas at my house. Good grief.. those toys are expensive.. Who buys this stuff.. the sheik. I just want a lakehouse.. on the water! I need a job too.

  2. …the job first….
    Who buys it? The bankstas that own the GOP-Teabaggers.
    I see the Fed are going to come down on insider trading.
    Wall Street is fixed like a crooked card game.

  3. I could afford all those toys too if the damn Democrats hadn’t let my marginal tax rate rise from 36% to damn near 40%.

    Liberals have ruined this country.

  4. If the GOP-Teabaggers stick to thier game – everyone’s rates might be going up. Might be good for the country – but not a way to make friends.

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