Why Are Red States Worst?

November 17, 2010

<a href="http://www.economist.com/blogs/dailychart/2010/11/human_development“>

go to bottom and select “interactive maps”

This is derived from it – a country comparison:


  1. Dog, can you link this to the source material. It would help to see it better.

  2. I LOVE Oklahoma!!! As a corporate gypsy, I can tell you all this is the best place to live.. As for schools, I think parents have a lot to do with it. My kids went to Union. Both were in top ten… went to University of OK.. They did well there too!

    I also think what you feed your kids makes a difference. FOOD.. people today in ALL states love fast food.

    Luckily, I could be a stay at home mom down here. If we live anywhere else, NO WAY! We also moved to MI in ’95. GEEZ.. the relocation trip was an eye opener. My Tulsa home was double the price in Detroit!! We decided to take a chance and stay here.. vs. going back to the shot gun starter home and private school deal. Taxes are low here!!

    I think people down here are spoiled. They live in a bubble. Politicians are pampered.

    On another note.. Pelosi just killed Obama’s dream of serving another term. I can’t believe they kept her in.. STUPID.

  3. Added two links.

    Well define “best”
    Cost of living is low here.
    You have to be very very selective about school systems – there are many that would immediately disqualify you from most good universities because they don’t offer the basic courses. Bville is quite good if you are careful. My kid fit in just fine at U of Mich.
    The top two determiners of success in college are 1) parents education (meaning they value education, have books around, read to them, encourage them) 2) Money – from wherever source.
    Food? I won’t disagree we eat well at our house – almost always scratch made – rarely rarely fast. Family dinners too.

    Pelosi? The right hates her because she is very effective. She saved Obama’s butt the last two years and may well do it again. We would have had a lot more and better legislation if Reid was better and if Obama had told the GOP to get lost.

    • To Republicans, it is important to demonize and (whenever possible) destroy effective Democrats. It’s how Newt made his bones – making endless ethics charges against Democrats although he was himself ethically challenged.

      Then there was the whole Newt-led impeachment of Bill Clinton – which blew up in his face.

      But its still the go-to play in the Republican political playbook. Ever since Obama’s election (before that, actually) there has been an ongoing attempt to demonize him and to put party first. (Country second!) They are even outspoken about other matters coming second to destroying Obama’s presidency. Jobs? Nuclear proliferation? Climate? Helping the long-term unemployed? All must take a back seat.

      And this is where Nancy Pelosi fits into their scheme. It is convenient to make her their primary target in demonizing Democrats because she is the Dems’ congressional leader, she makes a convenient target because she’s female and has had plastic surgery (never mind Boehner’s wig and fake tan), and because she has “San Francisco values” – whatever that means.

      But it’s also important for them to target Pelosi because she has been a highly effective Speaker, as she was a highly effective minority leader before that. And will be again!

    • Pelosi? The right hates her because she is very effective.

      Do independents hate Pelosi too because she is very effective? She has an 8% approval rating with independents.

    • Most so called independents are hard right wingers who cannot stand the GOPers.

    • Does State Farm know you are doing that on company time/

    • I’m an independent.. and I can’t stand Pelosi. She is worthless!! Her expense budget is way over and she has personal interests which cloud up her motives. With the TARP, it was her real estate holdings.. Her state is BANKRUPT.. and she doesn’t even care! She is delusional.

  4. Exactly Chin. Rove’s fav tactic – attack where “the enemy” is strongest.
    Has not taken long for the repug-teabaggers to show thier colors.
    Tax cuts for the rich.
    Eliminate “birthright” babies.
    Promote nukes.
    Throw the unemployed in the ditch.
    Investigate Dem “crimes”

    They really do have a death wish.

    • So do the people who vote for them.

  5. Pelosi? The right hates her because she is very effective. She saved Obama’s butt the last two years and may well do it again. We would have had a lot more and better legislation if Reid was better and if Obama had told the GOP to get lost.

    Actually, with her being back in there.. SHE WILL KILL his chances.. No ONE will listen to her after that Health CARE stint.. Today, we can’t even go to the Health CARE issue because most of Americans are unemployed. You need to work to be able to put $$ into the system.. duh.. Ben B. just made the Chinese raise their rate.. and they aren’t through yet..

    Watch out for a crazy ride on the markets.

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