I Solved the Budget – You Can Too

November 14, 2010

My plan here:



  1. Dog, great minds follow the same path. I was planning to post this same article later today when I had some free time.

    It’s an excellent exercise, and I was able to balance the budget this way too. I challenge anyone out there who considers himself or herself to be a “deficit hawk” to take the same quiz.

    Especially all those loud-mouthed congresscritters whining about deficits. 😀

  2. Um yeah. Like those GOP-Teabaggers whose 1st priority is a mammoth tax cut for the rich.

  3. Great poll out today (CBS I think) linked on Talking Points Memo today showing that virtually *no one* gives a CRAP about deficits. Yet the echo chamber is deficit 24/7.

    Tax cuts for the rich, anyone?

    • PL, the Republican message is incoherent at best. They want more tax cuts while they make only vague promises about spending cuts. The Tea Party base that claims to care about deficits doesn’t seem to notice the disconnect.

      All they know is that there is no bad time for another tax cut.

    • Actually quite coherent – “mine mine mine”

  4. for those who need to visual to fully understand that we are experience INFLATION.. duh.

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