Another Hate Law Going Down?

November 10, 2010

Lawsuit filed that challenges ‘official English’ state question

A legal challenge was filed Tuesday to the “official English” state question that Oklahoma voters approved last week.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Delilah Christine Gentges, identified as a Tulsa County resident and an Oklahoma taxpayer, asserts that State Question 751 is unconstitutional.

SQ 751 would require all official state communications to be in English or American Indian languages, except as otherwise required by federal law.

So if I called 911 and spoke in Spanish the operator could only reply in English?

Or I would rather have unlicenced drivers on the road than non-English speakers?




  1. YES!!! As a daughter of Immigrant Greeks who only had a 6th grade education, I can tell you for a FACT.. that anyone who comes to this country LEGALLY.. should learn ENGLISH.. I am sick of the Spanish! Why not make signs in GREEK,Chinese, French, etc.. maybe we should have 911 operators learn Many Languages!!!!! just think of what we would be paying them for that one..

    Here.. efetho eni threli.. Can you understand this.. It means.. This is crazy.. We live in the USA!! English is the language of the LAND. If I had to learn it, then everyone does! No exceptions!

    We live in a diverse society.. not only Spanish and English.

    People KNOW English Doggie.. they are just LAZY to speak and learn it….

  2. why did I know I would see that post…..?

    The Germans give thier drivers test in 30 languages. No big deal since the test is given on line. Their choice is to have licenced drivers.

    Many immigrants come here with little education and need to work long hours to make end meet. No time, money or skill for schooling. Their kids are more successful in school than others are. It’s always been that way – always will be. The issue just gives the xenophobes one more thing to rant about. They need to get out more.

    • What can I say.. I am living proof that English only is the best thing for any immigrant.. It pushes them to adapt into the USA.. Now, this country is wonderful.. because it allows me and other Greeks the freedom to preserve our culture..teach my children Greek, etc. No one is stopping me from doing that. The Spanish think they are extra special.. NOT. they are like any other ethnic group!! If you are here illegally, you need to go to jail. We support too many illegal immigrants today. This is WRONG.

    • Proves no such thing. You are not an immigrant. Your parents were. American born kids almost always speak perfect English – and typically perform better than thier peers. Their parents are well aware of the advantages of English. That whole Spanish thing is no different than the phoney xenophobic meme that has attacked every generation of new immigrants – most likely including your parents. A bigger problem actually is that the kids often don’t learn thier parent’s language – and I am convinced that being multilingual has many advantages. Some very obvious, some more diffuse.

    • The Spanish think they are extra special.

      No, they don’t. They make the same effort to learn English that every other wave of immigrants made. You have no basis for making a statement like that at all.

    • Exactly. Same old tired stuff.

  3. Well, I’m sure the prison-industrial complex would love to have more unlicensed drivers to arrest and imprison. And they could make a mint off charging the state astronomical amounts of money for teaching ESL courses too!

    • Indeed – dig a bit and you find that a main driver behind the AZ immigrant hate law is private prisons.

  4. Private prisons are big here in PA too. I have two colleagues who teach in our university’s Criminal Justice department, both of whom left the prison system because of the impacts of privatization.

    And yes, I’ve seen the evidence that the primary movers behind the AZ law were private prison interests. And thanks to Citizens United, any legislator who might have voted against the bill once he/she figured that out is now likely to get bought off if they raise a stink about the version of that law that will replace the current when it’s finally struck down by the Supreme Court.

    Wishful thinking duly noted, by the way.

  5. Since both English and N.A. languages are permitted, his should really be characterized as the “no Spanish” amendment.

    Okies fear being overrun by Mexicans and Muslims simultaneously. A bunch of fear-ridden cowards is what they are.

  6. These laws have more to do with firing up ignorant rubes to get out and vote than anything else. Apparently, it worked.

  7. I guess I would have a few questions:

    1. What is the poverty rate in OK right now?
    2. What is the infant mortality rate in OK right now?
    3. What is the unemployment rate in OK right now?
    4. Where does OK rank nationally on number of college grads?

    If the answers to any of these questions comes up wanting, why does OK prioritize silliness like language and Sharia law over handling these urgent matters?

    • Why?

      Because the voters of Oklahoma who don’t watch Faux News have 100% bought into its line of propaganda.

    • Actully do something when there are red herrings to be tossed???? Keeping that “all fear all the time” thing going is important.

    • Why? Because the Repugs don’t f*cking care about poverty, infant mortality, unemployment, or college grad. rate, that’s why. They care about their corporate pimps and that is all. Any rhetoric to the contrary is a total lie.

    • PL is on to something…

  8. question.. why do we see stuff in SPanish then.. and don’t tell me that there are a lot of them.. When you compare the Irish or the Germans who came to this country.. they didn’t have signage to direct them. And there were a LOT of them. We have become Lazy.. I never said I was an immigrant.. When I was in public service, I had many Spanish people come up to me and start to speak Spanish.. I can speak a little.. tried to help the.. then I thought.. I would start speaking in my GREEK.. just to see what they would do.. They began to speak in English.. YES english.. but then went back to the Spanish.. I started in with my Greek.. I think they got the message.

    If you are here illegally, you need to go to Jail. We have many illegals working in our PUBLIC/LOCAL institutions. I thought it was because of the pay.. NOT. it was because the managers know they can ‘treat’ these folks differently.. they have NO rights like a USA teenager. They get treated like poop… hold the frustration in.. then take it out in crime.

    • Ever been to Chinatown in San Francisco or any other large city?

    • Err or Cleveland or Pittsburgh – or Chicago. Many in the older generations speak poor or no English.

  9. PL… you need to support your facts!! Last I saw Wallstreet stuff, both Democrats and REpublicans had their hands in the kitty.. the pot is empty.. They want austerity today.

  10. Say What, maybe you should read the QUESTION to which my response was directed. The question regarded the OK legislature and their inability to address the very real problems of Oklahomans while instead passing useless and unconstitutional bills.

    I’ve checked my facts and my answer still stands.

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