Well That didn’t Take Long…Judge blocks Oklahoma’s ban on Islamic law

November 8, 2010

A federal judge Monday blocked an amendment to Oklahoma’s state constitution that would bar the use of Islamic religious law in state courts after American Muslims challenged the proposal in court.

Oklahoma voters approved the amendment in last week’s elections by a 7-3 ratio. But the Council on American-Islamic Relations challenged the measure as a violation of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and U.S. District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange issued a temporary restraining order Monday morning that will keep state election officials from certifying that vote.

“What this amendment is going to do is officially disfavor and condemn the Muslim community as being a threat to Oklahoma,” said Muneer Awad, executive director of CAIR’s Oklahoma chapter and the lead plaintiff in the suit. In addition, he said, it would invalidate private documents, such as wills, that are written in compliance with Muslim law.

Hate and fear foiled again.



  1. This was a case of creating a problem that didn’t exist, then “solving” it.

  2. The regressives are good at that. Set up a straw man and knock it down…

  3. I see it as creating something to make people afraid of, and then offering oneself as the one who will guard against the scary threat.

    It’s been going on longer than I have been alive. In the 1950’s there was a Red under every bed.

    In the KKK’s heyday, the scary threat was Jews and Catholics.

  4. But not foiled yet. This is only a temporary restraining order. The fearmongers will make their case in court, and when they lose they will appeal – perhaps all the way to the Supreme Court.

    Hate and fear probably has a lock on four Supremes. One more time, Anthony Kennedy will be the deciding vote. Are you confident? I’m not.

  5. Well no question the SCOTUS – stacked with law bending regressives and “legislators” is scary.
    There are at least 3 there who should be impeached.

    On the other hand the monument on the court house lawn never made it that far.

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