“The Cure” Begins

November 4, 2010

We are saved!!! Take down these signs and the budget is balanced!!! Err or about 0.000000001% of it perhaps. Should we also report the GOP Congress critters who took credit for the work?




  1. LOL dontcha love it when GOPhers confuse progress with propaganda? 🙂

  2. As a past local government employee, I can tell you all this.. SIGNS cost mega $$. I’m serious! When I was working we had to ‘order’ those signs which were in ‘SPANISH’.. STUPID! The sign at LaFortune Park cost taxpayers 10K!!! NO shit. Then I had the problem of it being VANDALIZED.. over and over again. To replace such a sign COST the TAX Payer again $10K. The county doesn’t CARRY insurance on such things.. The reason it cost so much.. is because you can’t just make one sign.. YOU have to make many! It IS CRAZY! yet there it is..

    There is so much Government WASTE.. it is disgusting.. I never saw such a deal in my life.

    They should start to show the purchase orders on the stuff in paper… to PROVE the waste!

    I’m sorry but with this one I CAN RELATE.

  3. I am sure there is lots of stuff one can relate to. But the point is that this is just noise. Want to make an impact? Chop a few weapons programs, a few hundred bases…..

  4. Doggie.. did you see what it is costing US to send Obama lama ding dong to India!!! 200Million is an exaggeration. HOwever, it is close to 50M.. We shall see if he was at BUDGET.. with these trips. My question is WHY is he going there.. duh.

    • I saw what the wingers are flogging on the issue – totally false/phoney/faux/bogus. Check your sources please…

      Perhaps you got it here?:


    • Phony issue from start to finish. He’s doing some good stuff over there that Republicorp doesn’t want you to know about. So they’re trying to change the subject.

      Their plan seems to be working. Blue is a prime example.

    • Err like bringing sales worth something like 53000 jobs to the US.
      The GOPers want to EXPORT jobs.

      “So what is the President doing in Asia costing the poor hard-pressed taxpayers of the US lots of money?

      Delivering jobs. 53,670 of them.

      * SpiceJet an Indian airline will purchase 33 737s from Boeing * The Indian military is confirming a deal to purchase Aircraft engines from General
      Electric * The Indian Air Force is looking to buy 10 C17s from Boeing.

      53,670 people will be in work in the US as a result of this.”


  5. Who is BLUE.. ??? I am not BLUE.. I am the SAY WHAT? Never had a handle called BLUE. Did have one called Bluebird 4 years ago. I punted that account a long time ago..


    I always check my facts! Again. this trip is costing MEGA $$. Doing some GOOD over there.. like what??

    maybe he will tell them to outsource their jobs to OUR country.. that will be a good one. He also went to SPAIN.. WHY? Why doesn’t he go to ISRAEL or IRAQ, or RUSSIA.. or better yet.. GERMANY. Or HAITI!

    We have already forgotten about Haiti.. You have a first lady playing hop scotch.. while that country had thousands of people dying of CHOLERA.

  6. Your source is Michell Wacklady? – give me a break… That dimwit job makes all her stuff up….just like Limbo

    Bird, goose, duck, what ever…

  7. Here is the deal doggie.. just what does IT cost us to send the POTUS over there.. This is a political move by the RIGHT.. I agree. However, I as a taxpayer would like to know if it is worth the $$ in sending him there. What does Hilary Clinton DO?? Isn’t she suppose to be doing all this traveling.. and customer service pandering.

    People WANT to know today.. with all the stuff that is going on with this QE2 and stimulus poop.. Here we are suppose to be ‘saving’ and yet????

    government waste is OUR problem.. these expensive trips come out of OUR hard earned cash. I personally think those yahoos in Washington shouldn’t get PAID.. that they should be paid on accomplishment vs. blab. The left doesn’t know what the right is doing and vice versa. It’s a free for all. They have no CHECKS and BALANCES. I have seen this happen with local government… directors, supers, chiefs.. spending all this $$ and then when something goes wrong they write it off.

    The crap has to stop.. People are getting restless today. Look at GREECE.. as an example.

    We may have austerity HERE.. next year! think of that one.. when the folks over 65 have to take SS cuts. Oh yeah.. then you have those welfare people who won’t be getting their monthly checks.

    I have often wondered why majority of welfare folks are FAT.. LOL.. Michelle O.. should teach them to hop scotch or jump rope. Ya think!?

    • Well you wont find out listening to Faux or Ms. Whackjob. If he can sell a bunch of stuff for GE and Boing and bring back 53000 jobs its well worth it.

  8. oops that anon is me again.. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Say What???? I’m watching the football game here folks.. multi-tasking. Geez. the Vikings.. Brett Farve is made out of RUBBER! for real. :-O

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