Or Are They Just GOP Shills/Suckers?

November 3, 2010

Let’s keep this in perspective. This is not a seismic shift to the Republican agenda. This was a protest vote—a message to Democrats that said, “We don’t think you delivered our ponies fast enough, so we’re going to make you feel our pain the only way we know how: by reminding you that there’s another team out there.”

But this does not mean Americans are in love with Republicans, or even that they like them…they don’t. Democrats are still more popular than Republicans. Democratic policies are still more popular than Republican policies when we explain them…it’s just that the average American doesn’t have the time or inclination to be explained to. So on we search for ways to slap our brand on a bumper sticker. (“We’re less worse than Republicans” didn’t cut it this time.)

And a special message for the “loose confederation” of “non-affiliated” tea party types:

When you see Republican leaders in the House fucking up and doing the very things you crapped your costume pantaloons over—and they will—you must stay true to your “party-neutral” mission and declare war on them the same way you declared war on those nasty Democrats. Because don’t forget: by your own admission you’re not Republican…or Democrat…or anything “organized.” You say so yourself every five minutes. So when Republicans start pumping out juicy slabs of pork to their districts willy nilly, and add to the deficit, and raise the debt ceiling, and ignore your agenda and, yes, when THEY START TREADING ON YOU…you must hold rallies against them and call them what you called Democrats: tyrants and traitors and Hitlers and Maos and Stalins who want to drop-kick your grandma onto an ice floe (if you can find one these days).

And if you don’t judge the New Improved House by the same standards you judged the Old Tyrannical House, then you wallowers-in-hypocrisy will have two options: either drop the charade and start calling yourselves plain old (and getting older by the day) lockstep Republicans again…or shut the hell up.

As for you, John Boehner: jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs. If you and your corporate buddies don’t produce jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs by 2012, it’s gonna be one helluva short honeymoon. And we’ll remember that you told your right-wing fringe last night that “I’ll never let you down.”

As Lawrence O’Donnell responded, in the understatement of the evening: “Oh…yes…you…will.”

Meanwhile Boner calls the sheep err – teabaggers — home&gt:


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