Palin Zombie – GOP’s Nightmare

November 2, 2010

Rove hates her. The whole GOP establishment hates her. She could not win dog-catcher in Wasilla – but she can take down any other GOP 2012 hopeful. Popcorn ready?



  1. Two years ago.. I told you all to watch out for this woman.. You all said SARAH who?? She will screw up the works for the Democrats as well.

    She wouldn’t have such a following if this Country wasn’t screwed up. Until it gets back to it’s original roots.. She will continue to gather masses.

    Other yahoos have already see the light too.. Jon Stewart, Glen Beck, etc. etc.

    Someone from either GOP or Demo.. must come forward.. to kill the image.

    So far.. no one has.

    We need a Leader!!!

  2. Well one possible scenario that I see is Jeb Bush coming forward as the Palin killer. One of the first orders of business starting tomorrow for the GOP will be to find someone to knock off Palin.

    • Yes, you are correct. They will need a miracle person though.. Someone with the appeal of Palin, smarts of Jimmy Carter and looks of Hollywood.

      I like Paul Ryan.

      Jeb Bush is a JOKE… there is no way he would carry the West or North.

  3. Jeb hahaha. Brother dubby poisoned the waters for his brother. Daddy was furious.
    Palin? I had her nailed for day one. All you had to do was look at her pathetic resume or listen to her babble. Too bad McSame did not bother to vet her. A few minutes on the internet would have been plenty to scratch her off the list. She is a bad bad joke – on the GOP – live with it suckers.
    Salted or unsalted? With or w/o butter?

    • Say all your want BYD.. the lady capitalized on something she KNEW would succeed. Not many folks could of pulled off what she did in the past year.

      She is a public relations person’s dream.. Americans LOVE her. Her book sales, seminar speaking cash receipts in addition to her guest appearances.. have give RISE to the way politicians need to get the ‘word’ out.

      She needs to go away for both parties.. HOWEVER, she will not go away.. The only way is for another DYNAMIC personality to come forward.. Once that happens, then her popularity begins to dwindle.

  4. Sarah go away??? Oh No!
    Sarah/Joe the Plumber in 2012!!!

    You could say American Idol, Jersey Shore, and Dancing with the Stars were successful too. All trash… At least they don’t pretend to have something important to say.

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