Christine O’Donnell Favors Separation of Speech and Thought

October 25, 2010

– In a performance guaranteed to raise some eyebrows in Delaware and beyond, Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell said at a senatorial debate last night that she strongly supports “the separation of speech and thought.”

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know if there’s anything about that in the Constitution,” she added. “In the version of the Constitution that I read, Big Bird didn’t mention it.”


  1. Poor Christine separates thought from most of her life’s activities.

  2. Duh…………….

    • Do we miss Bush yet?

      if you want videos here you go bird.
      Sorry far to many to embed.
      A scary reminder of why the idiots were tossed to begin with. It appears some need another 2 year reminder before the 2012 Obama landslide.

    • No.

      Next question?

    • Dog.. who cares about BUSH.. this is NOW.. Look at these stupid people.. from both SIDES.. both them OUT.

    • That vid you posted was not about now.
      Now what is happening is the GOP poitioning itself for one big thumping in 2012.

  3. What??

  4. oops both = vote. need an edit tab here.

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