Teabaggers’s New Name

October 24, 2010

In honor of the KleptKochracy.

The teabaggers are proof positive that the GOP is in fatal decline. In the past the GOP permitted thievery, adultury, and buggery in thier ranks as long as it was desecrite. But thier candidates were at least somewhat qualified. The GOP cannot wait for the likes of O’Donnell to disappear. I hope a couple get elected just to torment the GOP for the next two years and ready them for a thumping come 2012. The teabaggers are like that loud guy in the restaurant on his cell phone. He gets old very quick.


  1. I bet those tea baggers mess up the works.. I can see those Dems.. and some GOPERS just biting towels.. Hey how about those Giants huh… I am going for the rangers.. though.. me living so close to Texas and all.

  2. Mitch McConnell is already nervous about the teabag nutjobs that might enter the Senate and elsewhere:

    Anticipating a gain of Republican seats in the Senate, McConnell said: “One of the things we will have to remind newcomers and those who have supported them is that even though we will have a larger Republican Conference, we do not control the government and cannot control the government when the president holds the veto pen.” Oddly echoing Obama, he went on to say: “We need to have a humble, grateful response about this election.” He even added: “Incidentally, there is no polling data that suggests [the voters] love us.”

    I’ve boldfaced the word newcomers. The way I saw this spun on TV today was that Mitch is scared to death that these crazy TPM candidates will raise hell if they make it to the Senate.

  3. Didn’t know that George Costanza from Seinfeld was a teabagger…

    • Elaine is a teabagger.. George is an Independent. He just can’t make up his mind.

  4. Mitch was against Rand Paul until he Paul won and Mitch had crow pie… Paul would be like Cobum – utterly uncontrollable and destructive.

    • Mitch has had to accept Rand Paul as a necessary evil … but Paul has been significantly neutered by the Rove machine. He is staying below the radar and not saying as many crackpot things as he used to.

      The big question is will he resume his nutjobbery once he arrives in Washington?

    • “The big question is will he resume his nutjobbery once he arrives in Washington?”

      The big answer is…. yes.

      Upon winning the election, Paul would assume that he can walk on water and is beholden to no one. Feel free to laugh at me if we discover during the coming year that he can actually be housebroken. (Or should that be Senatebroken?)

    • Of course he will…I have seen few as smirky and self assured and as big a crackpot as Rand Paul. Dubby was smirky but he knew he was a faker. Has Mitch or anyone else been able to control Cobum or Baughman?

  5. I wonder if the people formerly known as “teabaggers” (until it was explained to them what it meant) will understand the multifaceted meaning of “Koch suckers.”

    That’s a good one – a double “double entendre.”

    • Teabaggers are not known for thier grasp of the English language – or much else.

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