It’s a Plot

October 20, 2010

…to make Sarah look down right brilliant…


  1. If you can’t bear to listen to these two for the whole eight minutes, you can watch the “high”lights here:


    “That’s in the First Amendment?”

    O’Donnell obviously has never even heard about the Establishment clause of the First Amendment.

    She’s just one of the latest crop of Republican “best and brightest.” Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, Mark Kirk, Joe Miller, Linda McMahon, Pat Toomey – just to name a few.

    Where do they find these people?

  2. Find? I think this is clear proof the GOP has fallen apart. The GOP always has vetted their candidates before. A little thievery, buggery, or adultery was OK as long as it was discrete – but they were at least somewhat qualified. Not any more.

  3. I sorta disagree with the premise of the post in a nitpicky sort of way. I think O’Donnell SOUNDS smarter than Sarah even when she’s being stupider than Sarah. Sarah always reminds me of the shrewish gossip down the street with the irritating voice and nothing good to say about anyone.

    Christine on the other hand reminds me of a party girl. She’s just having a good ole time living off her campaign money and hoping for that contract with Fox Noise. Her charm almost makes her utter stupidity adorable. Better yet, as Maddow pointed out the other night, she thinks she nailed Coons with her 1st amendment observation. LOL How can you not love this girl? 🙂

  4. “as Maddow pointed out the other night, she O’Donnell thinks she nailed Coons with her 1st amendment observation.”

    I clarified that just in case you thought I was saying that Maddow admired O’Donnell’s ignorance.

  5. Well, if we are getting into politicians who don’t the scoop.. I’d start with Pelosi. She had to pass the Health CARE bill to figure out what was in it. Now, guys.. that IS STUPID..

    • There is nothing wrong with Nancy Pelosi. She catches flack because she’s a Democratic leader, a female, and is from San Francisco – the place that “conservatives” love to hate.

      Anyone who rags on Nancy Pelosi (I’m talking about YOU, Swannie) has abandoned thinking for herself and has succumbed to the nonstop propaganda on Faux Noise.

    • The GOP hates Pelosi becuase she has been very effective in getting progressive bills passed in spite of the just-say-no opposition. Just like they were out to get Clinton – he ran rings around the GOP.

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