What the GOP is Really About…It’s Not What They Say

October 19, 2010

The connection between the lies spouted by the MSM and the campaigns being run by the Republicans is highlighted perfectly. The videos below the break need to be seen by as many Americans as possible before election day.

It’s the deficit stupid

No it is most certainly not, the republicans want to explode the deficit to the tune of $4 trillion by extending unpaid for tax breaks.

It’s the stimulus stupid

No it is not, republicans have heralded stimulus funds as good for job creation; but only for their own districts/States.

It’s about big government stupid

No it’s not, the republicans like no other party before want to control even our bodily functions and make victims out of the victims.

It’s about Obamacare stupid

No it is not, republicans are lining up for the funding it provides.

It’s about ‘teh’ populism stupid.

Republicans are all about supporting the corporations, lobbyists and Wall St as can be seen from the role of the Chamber of Commerce in these elections, if it was about populism corporate money is going to the wrong side.

It’s about the outsiders stupid

Where? Not in the republican party, they may be crazy; but they have been politically active whilst loony for quite awhile now.

What it is about:

Corporations v The People.

The Rich v The middle class and the poor.

Slash and burn policies v social policies

Da Dawg



  1. Graychin… the MIDDLECLASS which holds this country up.. is slowly going away.. today.. it’s

    You can’t have Obamacare.. if people don’t have jobs, or worst.. don’t have a place to live.

  2. So we shoudl stop encouraging job export like the national Chamber of Commerce does….

    And we should cut federal spending on what? It always gets real real quite when you ask GOP-Teabaggers that.

  3. Dawg, that was a great piece from Rachel last night.

    Additionally, while Republicans said the “stimulus” wouldn’t work and couldn’t work, and didn’t work, they take credit for the JOBS THAT IT CREATED in their districts!

    Here’s a letter from Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) saying that government spending in his district would “create jobs.” And here’s a letter from Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) saying that government spending in his district would “create jobs.” And here’s a letter from Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) saying that government spending in his state would “create jobs.” And here’s a letter from Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.) saying that government spending in his state would help with “job creation.” And here’s a letter from Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif) saying that government spending in his district would help “put people back to work.”


  4. From today’s Tulsa World:

    Members of Oklahoma’s congressional delegation who opposed the 2009 stimulus package defended on Monday the letters they wrote in support of local projects funded by the measure.

    Asked to respond, Oklahoma lawmakers did not back down from their support of projects funded by the $787 billion bill designed to stimulate the lagging economy.


    I guess that not one single job was created in Oklahoma from those funds. At least that’s the Republican Party line.

  5. GOP = Hypocrites Are Us.

  6. Dawg, you absolutely picked the right Maddow segment to highlight. The thing I love about Maddow is she is one the smartest “thinkers” on the air today. Of course we should expect no less from a Rhodes Scholar. 🙂

    She outdid herself again last night with profiles of Macaca moments that are tolerated in this election season … a fantastic interview with Melissa Harris-Perry (nee Lacewell) and an interview with Nicolle Wallace that confirms my belief that Wallace was the only sane person on the McCain campaign.

  7. Yes Maddow is very refreshing. I like smart people, she does her homework – and she absolutely infuriates the wingers 🙂 She leaves them very little to do but sputter.

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