Resistance is futile!

October 13, 2010

After seeing so many mean, racist and downright disgusting photoshopped images of Barack and Michelle Obama that are floating around the Internets, finally here is one that tickled the funny bone of this avid Trekkie.

Let’s make it the campaign poster and the theme for 2012! What do you think?


One comment

  1. Graychin.. when GWB was POTUS, he too got SLAM big time.. don’t you remember the HITLER posters.. etc. etc. Every POTUS gets his share of the SLAM.. this is AMERICA.. OBAMA pulls the race card out all the time.. and he uses it just as conveniently as the other guy.. This morning I just read something about Michelle.. she is out on road today campaigning.. WEll NOW.. this is a lady at work.. What has she done in the past year! other than tell kids they are FAT. Nothing. But I bet she will raise money.. for the campaign. vs. $ for Haiti.. or say the VETS who are coming back from overseas.. or for Illiteracy. etc. etc.

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