She’s You?

October 5, 2010

Christine O' Donnell Ad - I'm Not A Witch @ Yahoo! Video

Huge amount of commentary on this – but that might not be good.
Rove clearly did not do it.
Best one via KOS:

Christine O’Donnell has released her first ad, and with it she can safely say that she is the first candidate in political history to introduce herself to the voters with the opening line:

I’m not a witch.

And while Wiccans everywhere breathe a sigh of relief, the rest of us aren’t so lucky because her tag line is:

I’m you.

Unless you masturbate. Or you don’t think being gay is an identity disorder. Or you don’t think telling teenagers to practice safe sex reduces them to the level of a dog. Or you believe in evolution, even if you can’t see monkeys turning into humans before your very eyes. Or you don’t believe there are mice with fully functioning human brains. Or you’ve never used campaign contributions to pay your rent and go bowling. Or you haven’t lied about your education over and over and over and over again. Or the college you attended didn’t sue you. Or you don’t have top secret information about a Chinese takeover of America. Or, or, or …

Otherwise, she’s you

Is the GOP the same as the teabaggers? Perhaps not. Sure the GOP put up lots of big business shills – but they weren’t for the most part novice loonies. The teabaggers have put up a raft of them. Rove is unhappy.

Then there is the witch doll – just in time for halloween.


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  1. Here’s the point of view of the somewhat conservative Frum Forum:

    O’Donnell concludes her ad by telling her fellow citizens, “I’m you.”

    The hell you are.

    Most Americans have a greater attachment to the labor force than O’Donnell has exhibited. Most Americans pay their bills on time. Most Americans are not perennial office seekers. Most Americans don’t sue their employers. And most Americans don’t exaggerate their academic pedigree.


  2. LOL – Frum and most other GOPers who are not moonbat crazy.

  3. blab blab blab.. they are all moonbat crazy today..

    I’m in pain today strained my back as I did back in 2008.. I can’t move. All I can do is post.. Yes. I am going crazy.. Calgon take me away..

    • I hope that your back feels better soon.

      Be careful while you’re disabled. You know how much trouble you can get into online when you have too much time on your hands.

  4. I know.. all I can do is BLOG… I can’t MOVE.. I will never go up on a ladder again.. well.. maybe.

    • Swan, did you hurt your back by falling off a ladder?

      If so, you should be thankful that you didn’t break anything. My broken leg was the most miserable two months of my life – and that includes the Army.

      That was when I was going overboard at the TW.

  5. Hey, BTW, Bodean, Ayo, Relik, and some other say hey… I was on Facebook.. and we all were on a thread.. They mentioned YOU GUYS..

  6. Cause we so handsome and smart :))

  7. ha ha.. I don’t know about that one.. doggie.. I have never seen YOU.. Michael is handsome.. and also smart. I will admit this. Geez.. who can get 100% on those stupid Internet tests?? maybe my son.. He better make a 4.0 this semester. Says that will be my Christmas present.

  8. Well, I was on ladder cleaning out leaves from the gutters.. then I bought these screens to put over them.. so I wouldn’t have to clean gutters out again. My hub was painting/staining the house on another ladder.. which was next to mine. I thought I’d use it you know instead of moving my ladder.. over… Well, I am not as limber as I once was I guess. I went over to the next ladder and did my thing.. But the next day.. I went to put groceries away.. then BAM! I couldn’t MOVE. the spasms were intense.. ran down both my legs. I thought I was gonna have a baby!

    Like I said I have had this injury before. 2008. When we bought this home, I wasn’t use to the limestone stairs. I kinda slipped.. fell.. took out a sprinkler head and also a landscape light. Luckily then I didn’t need stitches. However, my hub was in Hawaii.. and the KIDS were at Norman. I was out here all by myself.. You bet I saw stars!

    I was out for like weeks with that screwed up back. All I could do was blog and surf the internet.

    Now I back to that again.. but I think this one isn’t as bad.. (I hope) 😦

  9. I don’t know what else to do.. but blog and read. Here I see my house is the PITS. I CAN’T STAND this..
    I don’t know how people can sit all day. Sheez.. this is day 2. I need a vacation after this. Once I get my back NORMAL.. guys.. I am gone.. and to make it worst.. the weather is gorgeous.

  10. Make hubby clean the house!

  11. We live in a democracy.. in my house.. I can’t make anyone do anything.. I got up today.. and dusted. and I also made a batch of Chili.. real chili. I have read all the newspapers.. and the TW.. man is that forum Lame.. too many sock puppets spamming.

    • Then it wouod be your democratic right to let them starve and wallow in garbage?
      No that’s republican’t speak.

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