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She’s You?

October 5, 2010

Christine O' Donnell Ad - I'm Not A Witch @ Yahoo! Video

Huge amount of commentary on this – but that might not be good.
Rove clearly did not do it.
Best one via KOS:

Christine O’Donnell has released her first ad, and with it she can safely say that she is the first candidate in political history to introduce herself to the voters with the opening line:

I’m not a witch.

And while Wiccans everywhere breathe a sigh of relief, the rest of us aren’t so lucky because her tag line is:

I’m you.

Unless you masturbate. Or you don’t think being gay is an identity disorder. Or you don’t think telling teenagers to practice safe sex reduces them to the level of a dog. Or you believe in evolution, even if you can’t see monkeys turning into humans before your very eyes. Or you don’t believe there are mice with fully functioning human brains. Or you’ve never used campaign contributions to pay your rent and go bowling. Or you haven’t lied about your education over and over and over and over again. Or the college you attended didn’t sue you. Or you don’t have top secret information about a Chinese takeover of America. Or, or, or …

Otherwise, she’s you

Is the GOP the same as the teabaggers? Perhaps not. Sure the GOP put up lots of big business shills – but they weren’t for the most part novice loonies. The teabaggers have put up a raft of them. Rove is unhappy.

Then there is the witch doll – just in time for halloween.

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