It’s Catching!

October 4, 2010

You can get exposed via Faux Noise or Hate radio.



  1. off topic..
    My Serbian friend just sent me this..

    The magic of the Dance.. in Belgrade.. these people are not actors or pros.. they are just people off the streets.. ha ha..

    If only Americans would dance like this.. ya think??

    • Oh, to be in college again….

  2. Yeah if you could just stick to the fun parts. But UM is hard work if you want a degree – only other smart folks there – of course that is fun too.

  3. ha ha.. I always knew you guys were YANKEES!! bhahah!

  4. Purple Haze wasn’t ever so good. LOL

    They try.. from a bunch of geeks..

    • They sound awful – especially the singer. But the lead guitar is pretty good.

  5. Purple Haze is one of the most played and the most poorly played. Jimmy did it best.

    How does what prove we Yanks? ‘Cause my kid has good taste and picked UM? Was exposed to the liberal world at music camp and never looked back…all the college choices were in blue states.

    • How does someone from Chicago call anyone a “Yank”?

  6. Really! I think she means it as a compliment. That is the way I take it 🙂

    • Of course it’s a compliment. But around here and in much of the south, a “Yankee” is anyone who lives north of you. Bville and Eucha are both north of Sand Springs.

      Around the Calumet, I guess anyone from Chicago itself is a Yankee.

  7. LOL!!!! I is a Region RAT.. an industrial one at that.. It was a compliment.. Hey, at least those kids try.. some don’t know Purple Haze.. SAD. Nearly every Big 10 football game is sold out meaning over 70K.. some. Unreal. What a beautiful day it is here in Oklahoma.. make me remember this stuff..

  8. The kid is not a football fan at all. But had tickets the first two years and was awed. But second year missed at least one becuase of a cold, and a second because of an impending exam so has skipped in since..

    • Somewhere along the way I must have turned into an old geezer. I don’t get it.

    • the pasture is that way chin…

  9. I remember those northern winters all too well. The main thing that would keep me from ever going back. YUK.

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