And the Republican’ts Want to go Backwards?

October 3, 2010


  1. Dog, I agree. It’s the wrong era to be a conservative. The future belongs to the agents of change.

    Too bad that change makes so many Americans uncomfortable. No – fearful.

    All fear, all the time. It’s a powerful and cynical political strategy, but no way to lead a nation into the 21st Century.

  2. Meanwhile Europe, Asia progress. Modern transportation, green energy, new medical techniques

  3. Guys.. Europe is under HIGH alert today.. Everyone is AFRAID.

    • Sounds like security services doing thier job….

    • If everyone in Europe is afraid, then the terrorists have already met their objective – haven’t they? They already won here – big time.

      The American response after we were sucker-punched on 9/11 was determined by Bush and Cheney. They soiled their trousers worse than most Americans. From then on, it’s been all fear all the time from that side of the political spectrum.

      I’ve never seen so many fear-driven people in my whole life as I have watched in the past decade. When our nation (and western civilization itself) were REALLY at risk in the 1940’s, our leaders had some balls. And so did the American people.

      Unlike the craven, pee-in-their-pants cowards Bush and Cheney.

    • Exactly Chin. Osama was successful beyond his wildest dreams. His biggest helper? Cheney.

  4. oops that was me..

  5. And Europe has good public transit, Germany is a leader in solar power and efficent house design. The largest bank of power windmills in the world is off the coaast of the UK…
    Now that is reason for fear…

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