Grass Roots My Donkey

September 24, 2010

Tea Party supporters and their candidates like to imagine themselves as insurgents, crashing the barricades of Washington to establish a new order of clean and frugal government. In earthbound reality, many of the people pulling the Tea Party’s strings are establishment Republican operatives and lobbyists. Some have made money off the party for years.

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  1. Tea Partiers would be highly offended at any suggestion that they are being manipulated by Washington insiders.

    But they won’t ever hear the news. They get their information from only one source. And anything that doesn’t fit into their pre-existing world view can’t be trusted, because it surely comes from the “lamestream” media.

    (Dog, I linkified your link. I don’t know why links aren’t automatically working like they used to. I’ll do a bit of digging and see if there’s a fix available.)

  2. I have said it dozens of times…. I am simply amazed at the way the plutocrats have convinced the masses that policies benefiting the rich are somehow good for all of the rest of us…. It really starts to sound like the divine rights of kings….

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