This Date in 2005

September 18, 2010



  1. Doggie, Bush is like old news.. FAce it.. the Dems are up the creek with no paddle today.. they need a buoy.. SOS.. send in a tea bagger.. ha ha.

  2. No Bush is hardly old news… And underneath all the anger about the Bush recession the voters don’t think the GOP-Teabaggers have answers….

    Blue turned black?

    • LOL… yes.. Blue turned Black.. because according to the NBER the RECESSION is over.. HOWEVER, all know that after a RECESSION comes a DEPRESSION..

      Question is HOW long..

      I just read that Oklahoma is among the 23 states that kicked out big numbers in Foreclosures..

      We should be talking about ways of figuring out HOW to survive the next year and then some..

      My silver just went UP.. as did my GOLD.. and yes, I sold.. some. Waiting for it to go back down so I can buy some more.

  3. I like Paul Ryan.. I have been following him.. Folks, watch out for this guy in 2012!!! He is SHARP.. and if he runs with a woman.. a sharp one.. as he.

    I have no doubt this guy will kick butt.

    Politically, this is the year of the conservative woman!! Palin will not run. NO WAY.. but she has the power to endorse and influence. This is the strategy.. oh yeah. So you all can go ahead.. bash away.. She is promoting and promoting BIG..

  4. Ryan is a loser – why because he says what most GOPers think – “the US is for the top 1% – screw the rest”. How many have signed on to his economic plan? 13 including himself. No GOP leadership – they are not that stupid.

    • Oh… please!!! and you think the Keysianian Economics is WORKING.. WAKE up doggie..

      The stimulus only band-aid the problems.. Ben just is printing more worthless paper.

      Where is your avie.. YOu need to update.. woof woof.

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