Further and Further Behind

September 16, 2010

This is a 2010 set of stamps from China. They are world leaders in wind power – both the turbines and usage.
Where are we?



  1. Face it.. people in general, do not want these wind mills in their back yards. They are ugly. Massachusetts folks were gun ho.. until they found out exactly what was involved.. BUT then they said NOT in Martha’s vineyard..

    We are a stuck up spoiled nation.

    • There are planty of places to put them. Ever been to “fly over country”?

  2. I wouldn’t mind windmills in my “back yard.” They would look cool on the ridge that I see out my front window.

    We stayed in a really nice old bed-and-breakfast in New York State, not very far from Buffalo (and Niagara, Canada). The proprietor told us to look for the light in the tower (the TOWER?) to help us find it after dark. It turned out that the strange tower and the light (not electric then) was designed to guide people in from the countryside to this stop on the Underground Railroad. There was a tunnel in the basement that led to the barn, where the escapees could hide under the floor if anyone came looking.

    And on the ridge, high above the valley where the house sat, was a windmill farm. Ugly? Not a bit, to us. And the proprietor felt the same way.

  3. Blue has a a bitter problem.

  4. They can mount a set of windmill across the Osage Hills – fine with me. And I see alot of them heading for Kansas…someone is putting them up…

  5. do you know how many Eagles and birds would be flying into those things.. I love my bald Eagles.. and my variety of birds.. The turkey vultures are also here as well. And we have many different kinds of hawks.

  6. How many birds have been killed by big oil? Expect huge kills as the birds migrate through the Gulf this Fall. Spill gone? Don’t you believe it. The marshes and sand are full of it.

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