What Was McCrystal Thinking?

June 22, 2010

From Marc Armbinder:

What in the heck was Gen. Stanley McChrystal thinking? I mean, I know what he was thinking: he was tired of being the victim of what he believes is a concerted effort on behalf of Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry and others to undermine everything he was given 18 months to do. He was tired of being perceived in the press as a neoconservative killer, Dick Cheney’s hired assassin, or disloyal to President Obama and his staff. He was angry at being blamed for leaking the draft of his report to the President to Bob Woodward. (He did NOT leak the document). He was miffed that a large number of mid-ranking soldiers and battalion commanders and enlisted guys didn’t support his strategy.

What I don’t know is which of McChrystal’s aides thought it would be a good idea to let his senior staff speak on background to Rolling Stone (!), of all publications, venting McChrystal’s frustrations and their own.
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One comment

  1. He clearly was not thinking.

    He will be fired tomorrow and he should be.

    The bottom line is that there is ZERO chance of success in Afganistan – of the definition is having a government to our liking. Karzai is and incompetent, corrupt CIA shill. He will never have a stable government that the Afghan people trust. Without such a government there is no hope.

    What you are seeing is internal finger pointing. Who “lost” Afganistan.

    BTW there is little or no Al Queda there. Declare “victory” and leave.

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