Thousands of protesters press for tax increase!

April 21, 2010

Need money for education? RAISE TAXES.



  1. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

  2. Thoughful people – committed to education — in Oklahoma?!?!? Not in our legislature!

  3. Hey! A probable crowd representing the 47% that pay no federal taxes! ACORN at its finest! Caesar Obama – we ADORE YOU.


    • Wow, barely 20 words and full of misinformation. That would be no federal INCOME taxes, right? Everyone with a job pays federal taxes, as discussed in an earlier post. Which has nothing to do with ACORN, your worn-out irrelevant whipping boy.

      But even bitter, clinging trolls like you are welcome here. Stop by again!

  4. …the handle says it all….

    …and if she had read the article she would have known that many of those demonstrators were tax paying educators from the state of Illinois. Or can she read?

    Discussion of Acorn is basically playing the the race card….


    The regressives hate Acorn because it helps folks who are not like them.
    Actually if you ask them – not one in one hundred can actually tell you what Acorn’s missions were. They just took hate radio’s word for it.


  5. Acorn is out of business Dawg; corrupted like the rest of the Democratic party. Doesn’t matter what the mission says – it’s what they did. Do you barter in the sexual trade like Acorn? πŸ™‚

    Public education is in the dink and educates degenerates that vote Democratic. We need to cut it by about 80%, so these pseudo-teachers can find something more useful to do with their day than Obama indoctrination.

    See you November. Line up for butt kickins!

  6. Graychin, if you are so brave and smart, why the need to moderate and edit everyone’s posts with who you disagree? Kind of a WordPress Fairness Doctrine, ey?

    I thought liberals were for freedom of speech and political dissent?

    Pretty cowardice for a supposed liberated blog moderator.

    • Clinger – I have never edited a post. Not even yours. I did have to delete some of Rockfish’s racist and abusive posts. But your posts haven’t been moderated at all. Like the sidebar says, we are desperately seeking intelligent conservative input here. Unfortunately you don’t show much promise, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t welcome to place unedited posts here.

      So what the hell are you talking about?

      Like I said before, we even put up with trolls like you. Just don’t get racist or abusive like Rockfish.

  7. So…no intelligent conversation from the ones who got us into this mess, only trolling. Figures. Education will be in a world of hurt next year in Oklahoma, and our legislature is passing Medieval abortion bills.


  8. yup – and if call them out they slither away…

  9. …no just stupid….Faux rots the mind grannie…

    She has no idea what ACORN is about – evades the issue with a dumb remark. BTW ACORN is not dead.

  10. Here, show me how brave you are old man and post this verbatim without editing it.

    Clinger – I have never edited a post. Not even yours.

    WHAT? 😑 You are more dishonest in your retorts than you are in your propaganda. You trying to tell me I typed “TROLL” in my first response to you? πŸ˜†

    Like the sidebar says, we are desperately seeking intelligent conservative input here. Unfortunately you don’t show much promise, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t welcome to place unedited posts here.

    Reads to me like you are desperately seeking input period. You got a few talking heads from the Left here sucking each others toes and nothing else. I suspect you’ve determined yourself the arbiter of correct thinking, and if you ever have gotten any traffic other than a bunch of underachieving slugs from the Left, you delete the remark

  11. Then again, I see we have two moderators here at least. Dawg is also arbiter of “group think” and Pravda editor.

    Dawg, you a Keith Olbermann fanatic? An Ed Schultz groupie? Bill Maher pen pal? Jon Stewart love?

    Did you catch that Bertha Lewis speech the other Dawg? She’s a beauty, ain’t she?

    • Bitter Clinger, I repeat: I have never edited or deleted a post here, except for several vile, abusive posts from Rockfish that I deleted when he was trying to get himself blocked. (He succeeded.) The Dog is a co-author of this blog, but I am the only admin who can delete or edit posts – so don’t blame him. If anyone typed “troll” in your post it was you. Only you and I can edit your posts, and I didn’t do it. We will let other readers decide who is more credible – you or me.

      If I look up “troll” in the dictionary I would expect to find your picture there. You are the very essence of what Obama was talking about when he made his offhand “clinging bitterly” remark. He was 100% right.

      Do you have anything to add to the discussion? If you do, then add it. If you don’t, please take your bitter clingyness somewhere else. The Tulsa World would surely appreciate your clever input.

  12. Graychin,

    Your blog, contrary to your advertisement, is a cesspool of leftist group think where dissent in not tolerated. That is why there is no dissenting voice here, as you and your Klan a pack of blowhards and cowards. The blog is poorly put together, poorly attended as obvious to the traffic, and a blog of fools and rejects, formerly of the Tulsa World board it appears.

    You sir, are a liar and censoring/editing old fool. There is no way in hell I would type “TROLL” in my own post, as it a word I never use.

    You are also a coward as indicated by your whiny parting post at the Tulsa World – I looked. You’re a petulant child in an old man’s body, selfish and self absorbed – a temper tantrum because you couldn’t control the board. Pathetic…

    I laughed at one of your posts that you announced Conservatism dead in 2008. 😈 You’re going to have a case of the real read ass and red face come November, as America rejects Obama’s abject failure.

    I’ll be back in November to remind you of your stupidity. See you then old man.

    • Clinger: (I keep thinking of that guy in the dress on MASH) –

      I really wish that you had offered some political or social commentary during your brief time with us – in addition to rants about your personal dislike of the Dog and me dating back to our TW days. You really are a “bitter clinger” aren’t you? Perhaps you were some of the “trash” that we were hoping to “take out” way back in 2008. I’m still using the same screen name, but you are hiding behind a new one. Who were/are you at the TW anyway? It would be interesting to know – not that it matters, since I haven’t logged in at the TW for almost a full year now.

      By the way – the email address that you used to log in to the blog isn’t working. Yahoo must be having technical problems – surely you wouldn’t have hidden behind a fake email address as well as a fake name, since throwaway Yahoo addresses are so easy to get. Are you really THAT ashamed of your behavior?

      Since your last post is exclusively a personal attack with no redeeming value at all, it really deserves to be deleted – even by the most gentle moderation standards. But, just for you, I’m leaving it there verbatim, unedited, unexpurgated, as a reminder to you and to anyone else who might read it of what a jerk you are.

      See you in November? It’s a date!

  13. Good job Chin. What a jerk. Represents his regressive fellow KlANSMAN WELL.

  14. Sorry, I have no history of the Yellow Dog. He appears on auto pilot as every post sounds the same, the dimwit and toady to you. Is that your alter ego, or is this Dawg for real? Every editing fascist has to have one or two attendees – and that is about what this blog has. πŸ˜†

    But I have some history with you a time back, before you deemed yourself Editor in Fascist. I always deemed you about half bright with absolutely no sense of humor.

    So, you want some social commentary? Here’s some social and political commentary. You need the traffic. πŸ˜›


    Bah…when is the last time the National Enquirer got anything right? Except John Edwards, that is. 😈

    • Rats! I thought he was gone until November.

      At least his cutesy emoticons distract from the monotony of his hatefulness.

  15. I feel sorry for her children.
    Who would want to be near, or the subject of, such irrational delusional hate.
    And it can be catching, bigots breed bigots.

  16. …and why is Greece such a mess? At lot of it – besides Goldman and thier ilk is TAX EVATION!


    Anyone who has studied the Constitution knows that majority rule does not control rights. One of its strengths is that it protects minorities.

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