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The best democracy money can buy

January 28, 2010

Murray Hill, Inc. is running for the GOP’s nomination in Maryland’s 8th CD, promising a historic campaign that “puts people second…or even third.”

As Murray Hill, Inc. says:

We bought it. We paid for it. And we’re going to keep it


As a corportation, Murray Hill, Inc. can self-finance.

Update: Questions are mounting over whether or not Samuel Alito will sit on Murray Hill, Inc.’s steering committee. Asked whether he had encouraged the corporation to run for office, Alito frowned, shook his head like a pissed off six-year-old, and mouthed “not true.”


Media Matters Eviscerates McDonnell’s SOTU Response

January 28, 2010

Brand new face, same old lies….


“We want results, not rhetoric. We want cooperation, not partisanship.  There is much common ground.”


Michael Steele, 12/10/09: “The Democrats have accused us of trying to delay, stall, slow down, and stop this bill…They are right. We do want to delay, stall, slow down, and ultimately stop them from experimenting on our nation’s health care.”

Sen. Jim DeMint, 7/17/09: “If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo, it will break him.”

Sen. Chuck Grassley, 7/6/09: “‘I take pride with being an obstructionist,’ he said, if that means scuttling a public option that could lead to a single-payer system.”

Sen. Chuck Grassley, 9/1/09: “The only way to get a bipartisan agreement is to defeat a Democratic proposal.”

Rep. Steve King, 8/25/09: “I think it’s time to really slow down or stop the negotiations with the Democrats.”


All Americans agree, we need a health care system that is affordable, accessible, and high quality.  But most Americans do not want to turn over the best medical care system in the world to the federal government.


CBS News released a telling poll on January 11, 2010.  Regarding extending coverage to the uninsured, the poll showed that 57% of Americans support the current plan or want it stronger – only 32% believe it goes too far.  On controlling health care costs, 60% support the plan or want it to go even further – only 24% think it goes too far.  And concerning new regulations on health insurance companies, 61% support the plan or want it stronger – only 27% believe it goes too far.

(Never mind McDonnell’s claim that the health care bill would “turn over” health care to the federal government – it wouldn’t.  Or the claim that America has the “best medical care system in the world.”  The US may have the best medical care in the world – if you can pay for it.  But the system?  Don’t be silly.)


“And our solutions aren’t thousand-page bills that no one has fully read, after being crafted behind closed doors with special interests.”


While the Republican proposal wasn’t a 1,000-page bill “crafted behind closed doors with special interests,” it was, in reality, a 700-page bill crafted behind closed doors with special interests.


Republicans in Congress have offered legislation to reform healthcare, without shifting Medicaid costs to the states, without cutting Medicare, and without raising your taxes.


GOP Plan Costs $61 Billion And Leaves 52 Million Americans Uninsured.

GOP Plan Only Offers Coverage To 3 Million More Americans Over Ten Years.

GOP Plan Keeps Number Of Uninsured At Same Rate As Current System.

GOP Bill Allows Insurance Companies To Deny Americans Coverage For Pre-Existing Conditions.

GOP Bill Increases Premiums For Sick Americans.

And so many more!

At least McDonnell was better than the pathetic Bobby Jindal was last year.  The setting was impressive – the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates.  But unlike Obama’s speech, at which he faced the hostile stares of a displeased minority party, McDonnell’s speech was attended only by a hand-picked audience of true believers.


Poll: 83% of Speech Watchers Approve of Obama’s State of the Union Proposals

January 28, 2010

A large majority of Americans who watched President Obama’s State of the Union Address generally approve of the proposals he outlined in his speech, according to a CBS News Poll conducted online by Knowledge Networks immediately after the President’s address.

Of the randomly selected 522 speech viewers questioned by CBS, 83 percent said they approved of the proposals the President made. Just 17 percent disapproved — typical of the high support a president generally receives among those who choose to watch the State of the Union. In January 2002 — when George W. Bush gave the State of the Union Address a year into his presidency — 85% of speech watchers approved.

Six in 10 of those asked said they thought Mr. Obama conveyed a clear plan for creating jobs, and seven in 10 said his plans for the economy will help ordinary Americans. Another seven in 10 said President Obama has the same priorities for the country as they have.

The same individuals were interviewed both before and after Wednesday’s State of the Union, and after the speech, 70 percent said Mr. Obama shares their priorities for the country, up from 57 percent before the speech.

However, a sizable 57 percent said the President will not be able to accomplish all of the goals he set out in his speech. Most Democrats who viewed the speech (63 percent) said the man they elected would be able to accomplish all of his goals, but only 11 percent of Republicans and 33 percent of independent voters agreed.

Most Democrats and independents who watched said the president shares their priorities, while most Republicans did not.