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One citizen’s experience with "government run" health care

November 20, 2009

I read in the Tulsa Whirled that H1N1 flu shots were now available to everyone. Previously they had been limited to “targeted” groups – kids, pregnant women, health care workers etc.

A little voice told me to call my local health department here in Delaware County, Oklahoma to find out more. The nice lady on the phone confirmed that the immunizations were indeed available to all. Would I like to make an appointment? How about Friday, I asked. “What time?” she replied. I suggested one o’clock. After taking our names she said “We’ll see you then.”

We were in and out in less than 15 minutes. They asked only for our names, dates of birth, and contact information. No ID’s (not even proof of citizenship or legal residency!) – and best of all, no insurance hassle. And the woman giving the shots was so gentle that I didn’t even feel it.

Did I mention that there was no charge?

If this is what “government-run” health care is like…. I WANT MORE!


Happy Birthday to Joe Walsh

November 20, 2009

How about some Rocky Mountain Way in his honor?

Life has been good to me too.

So far.


US lawmakers: New tax should pay for Afghan war

November 20, 2009

Influential US lawmakers on Thursday called for levying a new income tax to pay for the war in Afghanistan, warning its costs pose a mortal threat to efforts like a sweeping health care overhaul.

“Regardless of whether one favors the war or not, if it is to be fought, it ought to be paid for,” the lawmakers, all prominent Democratic allies of Obama, said in a joint statement on the “Share The Sacrifice Act of 2010.”

How about it, Sen. Coburn? You have insisted that spending for veterans’ benefits be paid for in advance. Do you feel the same way about the underlying war? Or is war spending different than taking care of the soldiers who fight the wars?


Watch This Spot!

November 19, 2009

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