Palin pardons the turkey….

November 26, 2009


  1. A blast from the past. Only one year ago.Today I am thankful that Sarah Palin holds no office of any responsibility in any level of government.Sarah is what she is. What is truly incomprehensible is that so many people would support her candidacy for president.

  2. this is last years stuff.. have YOU seen HER book sales!? She is taking the world by the HORNS baby!

  3. I wouldn’t call having a best-selling ghost-written book “taking the world by the horns.” But I think that Sarah will continue to make a lot of money as an “author” and talk show host. A lot like Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and of course Rush Limbaugh.

    But like the previously mentioned people, she will never make any positive contribution to the public discourse.

  4. You can sell about any book at $4.75…firewood price.
    I hope the teabaggers keep focusing on her – instead of a potentially viable candidate.

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