‘The Lost JFK Tapes: The Assassination’ takes viewers back to 1963

November 22, 2009

John F. Kennedy was only 46 when he died, and today marks 46 years that have passed since his murder in Dallas. The images of the crime and its aftermath may be seared into the nation’s psyche, but on Monday, the National Geographic Channel will premiere a spare and revelatory documentary assembled from digitized and restored TV news footage and personal film that virtually no one has seen.

Most haunting of these is Robert Hughes’ home movie of President Kennedy’s limousine approaching the Texas School Book Depository a few seconds before the shooting. The open sixth-floor window with the stacked boxes of the sniper’s perch is plainly visible.

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If you are old enough, you are sure to remember where you were on this day 46 years ago. It was a crime that changed history in ways that can never be known. Some call it a successful coup d’etat directed at American democracy. Questions linger about who was really responsibility for the assassination – and what their real motives were.

A school classroom in Dallas broke into cheers when it was announced that the President was dead. That couldn’t happen in today’s America.

Could it?

One comment

  1. There was more hate aimed at JFK then than most remember. It is much much worse now.

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